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Check out BMW's xDrive All-Wheel Drive System

BMW xDrive

BMW xDrive offers enhanced driving pleasure due thanks to intelligent all-wheel drive which should you be confronted by adverse conditions such as a snow or a rain-soaked motorway makes your journey much safer.

Enjoy greater safety and reassurance thanks to a more responsive drive as power is varied across all wheels depending on their grip meaning slippery roads become less dangerous and more of the power of the engine can be enjoyed as the car exits from bends.

ABS and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) technologies detect and limit wheel slip. Whilst Dynamic Stability Control detects a spinning wheel and applies the car's brakes to limit spin. In addition, the system also activates if it detects understeer or oversteer, i.e. if the car is not going where the driver is steering, allowing the driver to regain control of the car, often without even being aware that the system has kicked in. It's important to note that DSC doesn't give better cornering, but instead is a safety mechanism, helping the driver regain control in tricky situations.

BMW xDrive is available across a range of current BMW models from the BMW 1 Series Hatch through to the luxurious BMW 7 Series.

Get out there, get a grip and experience the benefits of Intelligent all-wheel drive.

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