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Tuxedos and futuristic gadgets. A licence to kill. A martini, shaken not stirred. And an Aston Martin.

The world's coolest spy is also irrevocably connected with the world's coolest car brand. In a partnership spanning over 50 years, the two have paired up to save the world on screen no less than 12 times. Always on hand with the appropriate gadget to keep Bond out of mischief, or sheer power to leave adversaries trailing the dust, the image of a super-spy with his supercar is one now imprinted in popular culture.

To celebrate the release of Bond's newest outing SPECTRE with the DB10 unveiled as his accompanying set of wheels, we explore where the sacred bond between man and machine began.

Aston Martin DB5 (1964-2012)

Filming for James Bond's third outing, Goldfinger, began in 1963. A new car was to be given a starring role alongside Sean Connery.

In the books, Ian Fleming's Bond was at the wheel of an Aston Martin DB III during his adventures. However, as principle photography began for Goldfinger the Kensington-based manufacturer had just launched an all new car: the DB5. A jaw-dropping design with all the latest technology, it was the perfect car for Britain's favourite film export.  Already cult British icons in their own right the pairing seemed inevitable, though nobody could have guessed how intrinsically linked they would become. It was heralded 'the most famous car in the world' at the 1964 New York World's Fair.

For the first time, Bond now not only travelled in speed and style, but also with a raft of gadgets at his disposal. The DB5 in Goldfinger was fully kitted out with an oil slick and unforgettably, an ejector seat. The DB5 was so popular that it went on to appear in his next outing, Thunderball, just a year later with additional gadgets such as a water cannon and jetpack.

An iconic partnership solidified in the public eye, the DB5 made a nostalgic return alongside fresh-faced Pierce Brosnan in 1995's Goldeneye. Similar to a beloved actor, the DB5 then went on to make brief cameo appearances in Tomorrow Never Dies and Casino Royale.

In Skyfall, the Silver-Birch Aston appeared once again with a scene stealing reveal during Bond and M's hour of need nearly 50 years after its first appearance. "And I suppose this is completely inconspicuous?"

Aston Martin DBS (1969 - 1971)

As James Bond entered a new era, a new car was needed to represent the brand. George Lazenby was cast to succeed Sean Connery, and the Aston Martin DBS was cast as the successor to the DB5. They were big tyres to fill. But clean cut and forward thinking, the new Aston martin DBS lent a debonair edge to Bond's collection.

Much like the next Bond flick On Her Majesty's Secret Service, the DBS took on a new dimension as Bond's associate. Gadgets largely became a thing of the past for Lazenby with the only real modification being a rifle mounting in the glovebox.

The DBS did however have another ace up its sleeve. At the time of its release in September 1969, it was the fastest production four-seater car in the world. Perfect for a quick getaway. You can also catch a glimpse of the DBS in Diamonds Are Forever sat in Q's workshop awaiting its next modifications.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage (1987)

After a 16-year hiatus, Aston Martin returned as Bond's cavalry in the form of the elegant, muscular Aston Martin V8 Vantage. This was to be Bond's new set of wheels, packed with gadgets to help Bond through his next demanding mission. The Living Daylights also saw a new Bond take to the fore in Timothy Dalton.

Harking back to classic 007 territory, the V8 Vantage featured a plethora of gadgetry. Optional extras for a super-spy include front-mounted missiles, lasers and a self-destruct mechanism. "I had a few optional extras installed." Originally a V8 Vantage Volante, the car is later 'winterised' by Q for the snowy slopes of the Alps. As well as a new hardtop, a set of deployable skis and tyre spikes turned the Vantage into a fully-fledged snowmobile.

Symbolic of the bond between the two franchises, the DBS used in the opening scenes was supplied personally by then-Aston Martin Chairman Victor Gauntlett. This was because of the 18-month waiting list to obtain a new DBS!

Aston Martin Vanquish (2002)

It's not until 2002 before Bond grips the wheel of a new Aston Martin, in Die Another Day, as Pierce Brosnan became the first 007 to acquaint himself with two Aston Martin models. A brand new car, the V12 Vanquish had a dynamic design for the 21st century, but retained the iconic Silver Birch colour scheme of the DB5 as a subtle nod to the favoured classic. This was a true Bond car through and through.

A starring role in 007's new outing, it featured prominently throughout the film with a range of different gadgets. Nicknamed the Vanish, the Vanquish memorably featured an invisibility cloak, in addition to the ejector seat which made its first appearance since Goldfinger in 1964.

The Vanquish is remembered fondly for action sequences set on a lake in Iceland, in a car-on-car battle scene with the film's lead henchman Zao. A special four-wheel-drive edition of the Vanquish was produced to film a series of spectacular stunts on the real frozen lake.

Aston Martin DBS (2006-2008)

The second time the DBS name had graced the film series, this was an entirely new car, and joined an entirely new Bond in the form of Daniel Craig. Casino Royale saw the gadgets dropped, aside from a glovebox defibrillator, as Bond relied purely on the sheer performance and driving dynamics of his new DBS.

During one of the film's many action sequences, the DBS helped to break a world record. Swerving to avoid Eva Green's Vesper Lynd, the car went into a roll at speeds in excess of 70mph and broke the Guinness world record for the Most Cannon Rolls in a Car by rolling seven times.

The car appeared alongside 007 again in Quantum of Solace during the opening title sequence. Bond's fate balances on a knife-edge, but as always his Aston Martin sees him through a no-holds-barred car chase between Italy's Lake Como and Siena. The DBS was the fastest car in the film series to date.

Aston Martin DB10 (2015 and beyond)

To celebrate over 50 years of this iconic partnership, the DB10 that features in Spectre is an exclusive, one-off design crafted specifically for James Bond. Only 10 will ever be produced.

A central role in the critically acclaimed SPECTRE, the DB10 features a built-in flamethrower and a few other nostalgic twists. The DB10 is a real head-turner, with stunning, sleek lines ideal for a debonair agent like Bond.

The creation of this unique car symbolises just how integral the bond between 007 and Aston Martin has become. Two iconic British brands doing what they do best. We got an exclusive look at the Aston Martin DB10 on the recent DB10 tour.

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