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On a day where the memories last a lifetime, getting the right transport is an essential element of any wedding. There's something symbolic about being chauffeured in such a unique and memorable vehicle on your special day.

Traditionally, there are two separate cars to consider: one to take the Groom and Best man, and another to take the Bride and her father. From classic vintage wedding cars to modern options, there's something to suit everybody. And whilst Stratstone do not offer wedding cars for hire, we often hear of our customers lending their vehicles to friends for their special day - and our experience of premium and luxury vehicles means we know only the very best.

Here, we look at some suggestions for the perfect wedding car:

Jaguar E-Type

A truly timeless classic.  The Jaguar E-Type evokes memories of a simpler time roaring along a country road in the height of summer, and this classic 60's British sports car is a real crowd pleaser. The E-Type has an iconic look, is instantly recognisable and sure to make an impact. Frequently dubbed the 'best-looking car in the world' it's a chance to arrive on your day in a piece of living history.

You'll be pleased to know that they E-Type makes a fantastic sound too, with a throaty roar from its 4.2 litre engine to make sure everyone knows the bride has arrived in style.

There are plenty of different options when it comes to the E-Type. If it's a summer wedding then you should look no further than the E-Type roadster for true open-top thrills. There is also a coupe version available, and even a four-seat option for those opulent gowns that might need the extra room in the back.

Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender might not be top of everyone's list - but in many ways it's the ideal wedding vehicle, particular for those classic country brides. If a new, pristine supercar isn't your cup of tea then this might be the option for you.

The Defender offers rugged charm in spades, with retro looks to match. Plus if you're having an outdoor wedding, then the high ground clearance will help keep dresses and suits pristine before the ceremony. It may not be the most traditional method, but if you want your guests to remember your wedding for years to come, there's no better way than with a Defender.

As you can see here, the Defender 90 Pick Up in Aintree Green is a quirky but practical choice. The customisable nature of the Defender means that you can get one to suit your themes and needs -from transporting between two and six people.

Morgan Roadster

If you prefer your cars to have retro looks, but still want the comforts of a modern car, then a Morgan is for you. Pictured here is the Morgan Roadster, which looks stunning in Ivory, and looks every part the elegant sports car.

Transporting you back to the decadence of the early 20th century, a Morgan is one for the real nostalgia lovers and fans of art deco. 1920s Gatsby-themed weddings have experienced somewhat of a revival since the release of the Great Gatsby in 2013. This fits the bill perfectly; yet still features air conditioning if the summer heat is too much.

If you need more than two seats, and want to be chauffeured in true glamour and opulence, then the Morgan Plus 4 Four-Seater is a must.

Classic Mini

We know MINI fans are dedicated and loyal bunch so wouldn't expect them to have any other choice for their special day. What else but a classic MINI? Arrive at your wedding in a car with a fantastic history and retro style, bringing back memories of first cars and driving lessons with a trip down nostalgia lane. 

The MINI can mix it with the very best, and this was a real car for the stars with MINIs being owned by significant figures from Paul McCartney to Steve McQueen. The original MINI was about as fashionable as they come, and that's something which is still true today - even though this icon is now over 50 years old.

Of course, choosing a MINI opens up so many options - from an Italian Job themed wedding, to having cars with matching decals. Why not get patriotic and celebrate the Britishness of your wedding with a pair of Union Jack-topped MINI Hatchbacks? Not really for the taller bride or large dresses!

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The S-Class is one of the most modern options on our list- but with good reason. The flagship luxury model in the Mercedes-Benz range, the S-Class is unquestionably the most comfortable way to reach your destination.

With stylish bi-xenon lights and signature Mercedes-Benz grille, a truly stunning silhouette hides the spacious nature of this executive saloon. The rear passenger compartment features more than enough room for two, with superb climate control features and full leather interior.

For even more luxury, a Mercedes-Maybach variant is also available which offers a 'First Class Cabin', offering two luxury reclining seats with massage function to help settle those nerves on your big day...

Rolls Royce Phantom III

A Rolls Royce is for those who want a classic, traditional elegant look to match their wedding. There are more than enough to choose from, but we've picked the Phantom III as our favourite. The Phantom made its debut at the 1935 Olympia Motor Show, and was lauded at the most advanced car of its age.

When you think of wedding cars, it's the Phantom which comes to mind. The final pre-war car from Rolls Royce, it was their last car to use a powerful V12 engine for over 50 years. These were amongst the largest Rolls Royce vehicles ever produced, and offered some of the most sumptuous interiors available at the time.

The vast passenger space of the Phantom means that it is fully customisable, and can feature two or four chairs for larger parties. There are also 'Open Tourer' variants which offer a convertible roof.

What did you think of our choices? Get in touch and let us know what cars you had for your wedding, we'd love to see them!