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The new Ferrari 488 GTB is here. The successor to the 458 Italia, one of the world's most lauded supercars, is among us.

It's not without anticipation. The GTB features a rear-mounted V8 engine, a homage in both design and name to the iconic 308 GTB released almost forty years ago. According to Ferrari, the turbocharged V8 offers best in-class power output, and promises 'track-level performance and responsiveness for the road.'

To achieve this feat, the Ferrari gleans from their experience competing in both Formula 1 and the World Endurance Championship, where the 458 GT holds the World Championship title.

The twin-turbocharged 3.9 litre V8 serves up some tantalising performance figures: a total 660bhp is planted down by the rear wheels at 8,000rpm, and in seventh gear the Ferrari achieves torque figures of 780Nm. 0-200 Km/h is managed in a mere 8.3 seconds, thanks in no small part to a 50% increase in downforce over the 458.

The 488 incorporates several systems to manage these figures. A Variable Torque Management system has been employed, evenly distributing the incredible torque from the new Prancing Horse powertrain across the rev range. Revised gear ratios further ensure that power delivery is as progressive as possible 'when the driver floors the throttle' - meaning efforts have been concentrated towards ensuring there is very minimal turbo lag.

Ferrari's revised Slip Slide Control system (SSC2) is also in place, offering precise traction management and greater acceleration from cornering. It also controls the active dampers at the front of the car for added stability and downforce.

Aesthetically, the 488 GTB nods towards the original 308 with a large, scalloped signature air intake. A double front spoiler guides air towards the side-mounted radiators, whilst a deflector also helps channel air to the underbody for improved track performance. The tail of the car incorporates a 'blown spoiler' in conjunction with an active rear diffuser to effectively channel intake straight through the lean figure of the new Ferrari. In fact, the 488 sets a record at the most aerodynamically efficient production Ferrari Car to date.

Unusually for Ferrari, the interior has a key focus on 'usability'; thanks to an extremely driver-focused console and a multifunction steering wheel. Wraparound seats complete a feeling of comfort, despite the intensely performance-focused leanings of the all-new Ferrari 488 GTB.