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Home » News » Aston Martin Ultimate Evolution Hits Stratstone

The Ultimate Evolution tour, showcasing the very best of Aston Martin, arrived at Stratstone showrooms throughout November and December wowing onlookers and exclusive guests alike.

The tour represented all that is great about Britain's most iconic motoring brand, as well as offering a teaser to what exciting developments are on the horizon. Andrew Haslam, Aston Martin UK Sales Manager, speaking at Stratstone Aston Martin Derby said: "It's a fantastic celebration of the assets that we're touring round."

"We're taking these great cars round the country and inviting people to come and see us and explain to them where Aston Martin is, some of the exciting stuff that's been happening this summer, and also what's ahead."

There were a number of models on show, including the luxury high-performance four-door Rapide S saloon. Visitors get a chance to explore what an Aston Martin for the future will look and feel like; whilst beside it sits the Rapide S Model Year '15 rolling chassis - a visual marvel that exposes what makes such a desirable car tick underneath.

Most intriguing is the DP (Design Prototype)-100; a virtual car built just for Gran Turismo 6. Developed and designed by the in-house design team at Aston Martin over a period of 6 months, and led by Design Director Marek Reichman, the DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo is an entirely new concept.

Andrew Haslam said: "It's a car that's created using very similar engineering and design processes to how we make our road and race cars. It's a car that has a lot of integrity, albeit in its design and its proportion which are very different from our road cars."

"It's a rear-mid engine twin turbo V12 producing 800bhp, so it's quite a unique car."

A clay model of the DP-100 made its way into showrooms as part of the tour, allowing guests to experience the full impact of one of the most visually striking cars ever conceived.

The model was joined by a fully responsive driving simulator, where invitees could drive the car through Gran Turismo 6 on a Sony Playstation 3 system. The fastest driver in each location will be invited along to a showdown on Aston's home turf near Gaydon, hosted by driving professional Darren Turner.

The tour encompassed several instalments. During the day, exclusive guests of Stratstone Aston Martin took the vehicles out for a spin with Aston Martin professional drivers to fully experience the performance of cars including the Rapide and Vantage.

Local college design students were also invited along during the afternoon to take part in a special challenge. Tasked by the local Dealer Principal with designing a new wave of Aston Martin, pupils explored the DP-100in detail. They looked at the inner workings of the design prototype, the materials used as well as the design philosophy behind Aston.

Inspiring the next generation of car designers, the winning student from each dealership gets an exclusive tour of the Aston Martin headquarters in Gaydon.

In the evening, selected guests of Stratstone descended upon the dealership to see just what Ultimate Evolution meant. Experiencing the hospitality of Stratstone, guests were served Champagne and canapés, and had a chance to discover what Ultimate Evolution tour holds at their leisure.

They were then hosted by Aston Martin UK Sales Director Andy Haslam, who spoke about the future of Aston Martin and where curiosities such as the DP-100 and MY15 Rapide S fit in to place.

The Ultimate Evolution Tour certainly hit the mark in inspiring those that experienced it and showcasing Aston at its slickest, forward thinking best.