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Honda have unveiled a brand new hydrogen-powered concept car, the Honda FCV. It's an all-new fuel cell vehicle from Honda, who are hoping to realise the concept into a fully-fledged production vehicle by 2016.

The features of the FCV put it at the forefront of hydrogen powered cars; with frankly astonishing figures which are a testament to Honda's research. Hydrogen cars produce no emissions whatsoever apart from water and are set to be the next step in modern motoring.

The FCV is a successor to the FCX clarity which has been in production since 2008, and offers several improvements including a completely redesigned powertrain which is up to 60% more efficient. The FCV offers similar levels of power to the previous model and means there is a predicted output of around 130bhp - not bad for an emission-free car.

The FCV concept has a 70MPa high-pressure storage tank, which helps to offer an average cruising range of 700Km (434 Miles) when full, exceeding the potential of electric cars whilst only taking around 3 minutes to fill up again. 

Honda have a strong track record in building hydrogen-powered cars, and in 2002 theirs became the first to be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

For the first time since Honda began working on Hydrogen vehicles in 1999, they have managed to fit the entire engine under the hood of a traditional saloon, ensuring that there is comfortable room for five passengers and no compromises on space or performance - with a saloon that handles like any traditional car.

Even more revolutionary is the external power feeding function, which when used alongside a power feeding device turns the FCV in to a mobile power plant which can provide electricity ideal for use in natural disasters or power cuts. The FCV is helping to save the world- in more ways than one.