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On the 27th July 2017 at precisely 21:00, Rolls Royce presented to the world the incredible all-new Rolls Royce Phantom, the eighth generation of the Phantom series, which was first revealed way back in 1925. It is the oldest name attached to a car, and after 92 years, the Phantom is still going strong.

As our latest brand to the Stratstone portfolio, we are honoured to be working with Rolls Royce and cannot wait to invite customers to commission their Phantom with Stratstone, at our state-of-the-art showroom in Leeds.

Rolls Royce have once again made the Phantom the best car in the world, along with being the most comfortable and the quietest as well. The all-new Phantom sits on 21/22-inch alloy wheels, which use bespoke tyres which have been created to ensure the road noise is the quietest possible. This is complimented by self-levelling air suspension, which again compliment the superb ride quality.

The Phantom has since gone onto epitomise the essence of brand, and represents the very best of Rolls Royce due to the Phantom's flagship status. The previous seventh generation was famous for its bespoke nature, where owners could commission a number of unique touches. Of course, the Phantom is also hand-built, offering unbelievable details. The eighth generation Phantom follows on this incredible tradition. Owners can commission 'art' to form the theme of their Phantom interior, as Rolls Royce understand that most owners will have a strong passion for fine art - a nice touch showing the understanding Rolls Royce have with their clientele.

The all-new Phantom is powered by a colossal 6.75-litre twin-turbo, as opposed to a naturally aspirated powerplant in the previous Phantom. However, with a Rolls Royce, it's never about sheer speed and so currently, the 0-60mph time is 5.3 seconds, however the Phantom has never been about 0-60 times. It's all about the experience. It's all about the finest driving experience possible. The Phantom features double-glazed windows and plenty of sound-deadening to ensure an ultra-comfortable, ultra-quiet drive when sat within the magnificent Rolls Royce Phantom interior.

Owners can commission bespoke design throughout the car in typical Rolls Royce tradition, ensuring this is a wonderfully individual car which still is thought of as the best car in the world.