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The legendary track at Shelsley Walsh will be featuring in the second series of Speed with Guy Martin, which begins Sunday the 26th October on Channel 4.

The format of the show involves successful British motorcycle racer and mechanic, Guy Martin, attempting to break world speed records in a variety of different locations.

Previously, Guy set the British and Commonwealth motor-paced cycling record, and broke the world sledge speed record by over 20mph.

In this new series, Guy takes on four new challenges including the motorbike class at the 2014 Pike's Peak International Hill Climb. In preparation, he turned his attention to the oldest purpose-built race track in history.

All his training for the event was carried out at the hallowed Shelsley Walsh site, under the instruction of multiple British Hill Climb Champion Scott Moran who has been a record setter at Shelsley himself.

For his training Guy utilises the Empire Wraith single-seater racing car, which can reach 0-60 in a staggering two seconds thanks to a 1000cc motorcycle engine. He is uses the car to prepare for the Pike's Peak climb, which reaches altitudes of over 4000km and tests the very limits of both man and machine.

He conducted 17 runs up the Shelsley Walsh track throughout the day, navigating the tight bends of the famous hill climb site which has been in operation since 1935.

Guy said: "This is a whole lot of car for not a lot of road, the track is very narrow and the car goes so quick that I had to concentrate really hard just to keep it on course, the acceleration and handling is simply amazing."

Ties between Stratstone and Shelsley Walsh go back to 1905 when Stratstone founder Ernest Instone won the very first race meeting at the historic site. Stratstone have held a number of exclusive motoring experiences at Shelsley Walsh since 2002, with five in 2014 alone as the partnership continues to go from strength to strength.

Shelsley Walsh features in episode two, which airs on Sunday 2nd November.