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Is this really an issue on a daily basis?

Absolutely not, because the I-PACE can travel up to 298 miles on a full charge. As an example, let us say your current commute is 35 miles a day, five days week. Based on those calculations, you would have roughly 100 miles of range left for other non-work related activities.

Not convinced? Jaguar have created a mobile app called 'Go I-PACE', which monitors your current weekly driving habits and tells you how viable it would be to live with an electric vehicle.

Are the public charging points easy to use?

They are very easy to use when you follow the instructions. However, the only thing that did create an issue was that the provider of each charging point can differ. As a result of that, a number of different apps had to be downloaded before the I-PACE could be charged.

Thankfully, Zap Map mentions who the provider is when you are searching for a charging point.

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