Blue Aston Martin DBX707, front quarter shot

New Aston Martin DBX707

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Introducing the Aston Martin DBX707

Aston Martin DBX707 is the world's most powerful luxury SUV, and is delivered with a host of performance upgrades that combine to deliver an immense driving experience.

Building on the foundations of DBX, the brand's first foray into the world of SUVs, DBX707 brings further presence alongside peerless levels of performance.

Eclipsed only by Aston Martin DBS in terms of power, DBX707 is one of the most powerful models in the current Aston Martin range, yet benefits from enhanced practicality over its siblings.

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Design and Practicality

Blue Aston Martin DBX707, rear driving shot

Look to the rear, and quad exhausts will make themselves known alongside a re-profiled winged diffuser and carbon fibre extended spoiler.

In addition to a larger grille, DB707 benefits from redesigned daytime running lights, new air intakes and a different front splitter profile when compared to DBX.

Complementing the profile of DBX707 are features that include dark satin chrome window surrounds alongside gloss black side sills. Stunning 23-inch alloy wheels perfectly complete DBX707's stance.

DBX707's size not only results in a commanding presence on the road, but it equates to class-leading passenger space, as well as a large 632-litre boot.

Interior and Technology

Aston Martin DBX707 interior shot

DBX707 provides the pilot with instant control, which comes courtesy of the newly configured driving modes, including a bespoke 'Sport+' setting.

The driving modes available are as follows:

  • Terrain: Engineered for off-road driving
  • GT: Offers maximum comfort on long journeys
  • Sport: Enhanced driving dynamics for the road
  • Sport+: For moments that command maximum performance
  • Individual: Tailors key elements such as the exhaust, steering and suspension, to match your preferences

In addition, DBX707 is fitted with an autonomous launch control system, which allows for optimal acceleration from a standstill. The Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) has been reworked to allow for greater freedom of expression when the mood takes you.

Engines and Performance

Aston Martin DBX707 driving modes

The 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 remains from DBX. However, power is increased to 707ps (697bhp). As a result of this, DBX707 has secured the title for the world's most powerful luxury SUV.

A 9-speed 'wet clutch' automatic transmission is utilised in DBX707. Compared to the gearbox found in the standard DBX, this transmission can manage the increased load produced by the engine, whilst offering gear changes that are 30 percent faster.

Along with the new rear electronic limited slip differential, reworked final drive ratio and enhanced air suspension, DBX707 needs just 3.3 seconds to tackle the 0 to 62mph sprint.

The power is not the only thing that has improved. Carbon Ceramic Brakes with 6-piston calipers on the front have been recruited to help with stopping power, whilst simultaneously reducing unsprung weight by just over 40kg.

Test Drive the Aston Martin DBX707

Driving precision and a peerless driving experience are at the heart of DBX707's remit, which it fulfils without question.

Should you be in the market for a luxury SUV with unrivalled performance, immense practicality, and heritage in its bloodline, Aston Martin DBX707 is guaranteed to impress.

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