Aston Martin Rapide AMR in green.

Aston Martin Rapide AMR

Explore the exhilaration of the ultimate luxury performance saloon: the Rapide AMR


Introducing the Rapide AMR

AMR models take inspiration from the iconic Aston Martin Racing cars, which have achieved success all over the world on some of the most famous racing circuits.

The relevance of this? Aston Martin have applied the same level of knowledge and engineering to their luxury saloon, the Rapide. The result of this combination is an exquisite grand tourer with four seats that has absolutely no issue tackling some of the most demanding racing circuits in the world. In short, this is the complete package; power, performance, luxury and a great deal of practicality, too.

Read on to learn more about the Aston Martin Rapide AMR and what makes it worthy of the iconic badge.

Powerful Exterior Design

Aston Martin Rapide AMR Rear

AMR models take inspiration from the iconic Aston Martin Racing cars, which have achieved success all over the world, on some of the most infamous racing circuits. Naturally, the Rapide AMR has seen much of its development completed at the AMR Performance Centre located at the Nurburgring - the most demanding race circuit in the world.

Having been born at one of the world's most challenging racing circuits, the AMR Rapide offers superb levels of performance. The typical sports car level has been raised by Aston Martin yet again, whilst also paying homage to Aston Martin Racing Team liveries, featured on its iconic racing cars. This is thanks to Stirling Green paint, complemented by lime accents and a lime stripe for the unmistakable AMR look.

Being an Aston Martin, one that shares DNA with cars renown for their 'Power, Beauty and Soul', and of course having the affiliation with Aston Martin Racing, the Aston Martin Rapide AMR is every inch an exhilarating sports car as you would expect.

Luxury Interior

Aston Martin Rapide AMR Interior

Step inside the interior and the Lime Green AMR theme continues, although Galena Silver is available if the green is not to your taste. A full length carbon fibre centre console, which has been complemented with Alcantara seats, complete the AMR theme.

Do not make the mistake of thinking Rapide AMR presents a stripped out interior when opening the door. This is an Aston Martin after all, and makes for a superb GT car, being able to cover mass ground quickly, and in supreme comfort.

Therefore each drive can be as involving or as effortless as you desire, it ultimately depends on your driving style and mood. This is thanks to a an 8-speed automatic gearbox, and all the refinements to make the driving experience a true event every time you get behind the wheel.

Engines and Performance

Aston Martin Rapide AMR Wheel

Thanks to a deep-rooted association with Aston Martin Racing, and ties with the legendary Nurburgring race circuit, it comes as no surprise that the Aston Martin Rapide AMR features a colossal 6.0-litre V12 engine. The engine produces 595 bhp, along with 464 lb/ft. This is enough to hit 60 mph from standstill in just 4.2 seconds.

What is even more incredible is the sheer size of the wheels and tyres, which are 21-inches in diameter. These wheels are also forged, featuring a multi-spoke design that adds to the racing car homage and aids brake cooling, proving form and function can be unified in perfect harmony.

The Rapide AMR comes with carbon ceramic brakes as standard, which provide unbelievable stopping power without fading over prolonged and hard use.

Explore the Aston Martin Rapide AMR

It is rare to find such power with a naturally aspirated engine, yet Rapide AMR does just that, drawing much of its technology and traits from its Aston Martin Vantage GT12 sibling.

Then again, this is a rare vehicle that encapsulates the elegance of Aston Martin road cars and combines it with proven engineering that has been borrowed from a tremendously successful racing team.

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