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30 September

Car Café Bolton - September

After the first Supercar Car Café of 2019, held at Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfield on the 14th September, the 21st of September saw Porsche Centre Bolton hold their very own Supercar Car Café.

Again, as the meet was hosted by one of our Porsche centres, a fine array of Porsche models were on display from owners, as well as being showcased in the immaculate showroom too.

McLaren and Ferrari models could be seen being admired by petrolheads with some other striking models from the likes of TVR and Renault. Yes, you read that right, Renault. So it may not be a supercar, but the guys on the gate couldn't really turn away an immaculate example of the Renault Clio V6 - and at the time of its launch, it was a super hot hatchback, and to this day, still turns as many heads and causes just as much interest as a supercar.

Back onto supercars, an Aston Martin Vantage also attended the meet, but this was by no means your average Vantage. This was a 2000 hp Aston Martin Vantage drag car, something we certainly hadn't seen before!

Outside of Porsche Centre Bolton
30 September

Car Café Sutton Coldfield - September

For a number of years now, our Porsche Centres have held one or two special Car Café meets, in the form of a Supercar Car Café. On the 14th September 2019, it was Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfield who hosted one of these tailored car meets.

Of course, a superb array of desirable metal turned up. Being a Porsche Centre, an awesome line-up of Porsche GT cars were on display both inside and outside the showroom, in the form of GT3 and GT3 RS models, to the delight of many.

McLaren was another brand well catered for, along with the inevitable showing of Ferrari models - both famous for their iconic supercars. There was even a Ferrari 458 racing simulator at the meet, showcased in the showroom in which people could have a go for a small £5 donation to the Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity. A great little touch for petrolheads to get excited by, whilst also helping out a worthwhile charity.

As supercars go, it was great to welcome a stunning, hand-built Noble M600 too. Being a bespoke supercar, in supercar terms, you simply don't see many of these at all.

Range of Porsche Cars
12 September

Car Café Nottingham - September

The penultimate Car Café of 2019 took place on 7th September, and as always, cars arrived around 8 am, before the official 08:30 am start time. The sun was shining and of course, the meet became rather full, rather quickly, to the delight of all the petrolheads in attendance. The nicer weather always brings out the classics, and our car, along with many others of the meet was a genuine 1972 Ford Escort Mexico. The owner had given the car a complete rebuild, giving the old school Escort wide arches and an awesome Cosworth powered engine. This ensured the car produced a staggering 340 HP, meaning this forty seven year old car could still embarrass an array of more modern high-performance cars, on a track of course.

October the 5th sees the last Car Café of the year at the same location. We can only hope the final meet is a good one, as was the case with this meet.

Brown Ford Mustang
23 August

Car Café Leeds - August

Car Café Leeds is not a regular meet like the Nottingham meets, but year after year, petrolheads and enthusiasts constantly ask the question 'When is the next Leeds meet?' This year, it took place on the 17th August and in typical British summertime fashion, the weather tried to put a dampener on things, literally. However, when has weather put off petrolheads?

Taking place at our BMW Leeds retailer, a fair few M cars were on display, as expected, along with some older Bavarian goodness. Supercars and sportscars, classic cars and oddball cars also made the meet a characteristically Car Café affair - with surprises everywhere you looked.

Our photo above shows just a taste of the wide variety of metal on display. As with all the Car Café meets, the events discussion on the Car Café Facebook page is a great place to see more photos, from those who attended on the day, with some stunning photos being shared.

We are not sure when the next Leeds meet will be, but from the buzz around this particular meet, we can only presume that next year will see more meets taking place at this popular location.

Range of MINI
21 August

Car Café MINI Takeover

On 10th August 2019, Car Café welcomed a MINI takeover at each Stratstone MINI retailer. Chesterfield, Derby, Doncaster, Harrogate, Hull, Leeds and Tyneside retailers all welcomed a multitude of MINI models, past and present.

Being a MINI takeover, the events were exclusively for MINI owners. With such short notice on these special Car Café events, we didn't know what to expect, but with the MINI community, we needn't have worried. It was awesome to see so many different MINIs in attendance from modified to concours and daily drivers to classics -we welcomed an eclectic mix. It was awesome to see that the the beauty of Car Café - whereby each event showcases a multitude of different vehicles, even stayed true, despite exclusively showcasing one manufacturer.

Maybe more events will happen like this in the future... watch this space!

Range of MINI
8 August

Car Café August - Nottingham

So, here we are, August already. That's the thing with Car Café meets, they seem to come and go really fast, with no shortage of great cars to wow all petrolheads and enthusiasts in attendance. Saturday 3rd August was no exception. With the summer sun in full swing, it was another busy one with a few cars spilling over into the overflow car park. In classic Car Café style, the main car park was full with everything to excite the avid car enthusiast.

The latest supercars are always cool to see and there were no shortages of the latest exotica from the likes of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren and Aston Martin. Classic cars were well catered for too, a major factor being the decent weather which ensures classics from many eras come out of hibernation. We could go on, but the best way to describe any Car Café meet is through photos. Here are just some cars which caught our eye. Roll on September!

Car Cafe Wilmslow
2 August

Car Café July - Wilmslow

The second Wilmslow meet of 2019 took place on Saturday 20th July at the Stratstone Aston Martin Service Centre, which was yet again awash with a truly eclectic mix of metal. This is what makes each Car Café meet so good. Highlights for sure were the inclusion of some retro, fast and rare Fords, particularly a Sierra Sapphire Cosworth and a rather striking Ford GT. Both cars finished in white, with the GT featuring textbook contrasting blue stripes.

Taking place at our Aston Martin Wilmslow Service Centre, naturally there was a couple of gorgeous examples of Aston Martin on display too, including a gorgeous burgundy DBS Superleggera. And would it be a car meet without the inclusion of a Nissan GT-R? Again finished in burgundy, this particular GT-R is one of only 20 in the country in this colour.

But we will leave you with the photo attached, which shows a nice mix of enthusiast cars. Okay, so there are three BMW M140i examples, but these are next to the best-selling roadster ever in the Mazda MX-5, which is next to the car show favourite; a Nissan GT-R and finally the baby M car in the form of the driver's favourite BMW M2.

Car Cafe Wilmslow
19 July

Car Café July - Nottingham

With glorious sunshine leading up to the 6th July meet, you just knew that the typical British summertime weather would have the last laugh - but in this case, the petrolheads did. A little bit of a shower didn't keep the cars away, as the meet welcomed a stunning selection.

It may have been dull due to the weather, but colourful supercars and sports cars brightened up the meet to the delight of those who attended. It seems the standout colour was bright green, with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Porsche Cayman GT4 and Mercedes-AMG C63 S all standing out for the right reasons. A bright orange Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, bright yellow Ferrari 458 Speciale and a luminous Nissan GT-R all joined in on the bright colour theme too.

Other cool spectacles included a BMW M2 Competition - with all the lovely M Performance parts, a McLaren 600LT, a pair of Corvette Grand Sport models (one in red, one in blue with contrasting stripe) and even an old Austin 7. Two of the new Ferrari 812 Superfast also ensured the latest supercars were also well catered for. The meet also welcomed a brand-new Audi R8 V10 Plus, which has only just been released proving that despite the weather, it was still a great morning for petrolheads.

Leeds Meet
24 June

Leeds Meet Announced

The Car Café Leeds meet has always been popular. Therefore, we are delighted to announce the Leeds meet is back for 2019, with the 17th August being the date for your diary. The time will be the same (08:30 am until 10:30 am). We are delighted to co-host this event at our BMW Leeds showroom, and cannot wait to see what cars turn up. You can join in the discussion on the Car Café Facebook event page.

Car Café Facebook Page

Leeds Meet
19 June

Car Café June

Car Café continues to surprise us, month after month. The first meet of 2019 was rather busy to say the least, but it has since returned to its more recognisable self, attracting a superb array of classics, performance and supercars from many eras.

The distinct smell of bacon and sausage sandwiches from the catering van fill the air, whilst petrolheads appreciate the sheet volume of metal on offer. With cars continuing to enter throughout the morning, it's always exciting to see what enters the car park next.

Our favourite car from the June meet was there a little earlier than the official 08:30 am start time. But in this case, we are not complaining, because you simply don't see these cars on the road due to their rarity and exclusivity.

Finished in iconic Riviera Blue, we couldn't take our eyes off this stunning example of the Porsche 911 (993) Carrera RS. Having just undergone some recent engine work on the crisp naturally aspirated 3.8-litre engine, this was the car's first real run out. The paintwork was as perfect as it was when it rolled off the Stuttgart production line in '95, complemented by its 3-piece Speedline Porsche wheels which set the car off perfectly.

We managed to grab of shot of this stunning retro Porsche before it was inevitably surrounded by enthusiasts and petrolheads, wanting to get a closer look.

We cannot see what turns up to the July meet!

Car Cafe June
4 May

Business as Usual

The second Nottingham Car Café of 2019 took place on Saturday 4th May, where it welcomed yet another superb array of motors.

Porsche enthusiasts were treated to the very latest RS models, with a striking Lizard Green (991.2) 911 GT3 RS, along with a 911 (991) GT2 RS finished in a much more subtle GT Silver Metallic finish. Although not strictly an 'RS' model, these were joined by a rare Guards Red 911 (991) Turbo S Exclusive GB Edition. With contrasting black details, it too looked superb. Classic cars were also well catered for with a stunning Mk1 Ford Lotus Cortina finished in the iconic white with green detailing combination. A gorgeous Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior finished in Alfa Rosso red also ensured the meet was a treat for fans of gorgeous classic cars.

However, for sheer rarity, the meet welcomed two of the rarest Nissan Skyline GT-Rs in existence - and got together for a mini photoshoot at the end. These were the stunning Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Nismo 400R (a car which we have waxed lyrical about before) which was joined by an immaculate Bayside Blue R34 GT-R with a red leather interior - thought to be the only one which left the factory like it!

Car Cafe Nottingham
6 April

Car Café 2019 is GO!

Now that winter is out of the way, petrolheads can look forward to warmer weather, bringing with it the start of car meet season. Car Café Nottingham joins in with the action, by showcasing its first meet of the year in April. This year it took place on April 6th at the familiar Pendragon HQ location.

It is fair to say that each opening meet is busy, and this year happened to be the busiest yet. Both car parks were full in no time, and the sheer selection of metal on display was incredible. For example, it was a treat for enthusiasts to see so many current and classic icons of the motoring world, such as BMW M cars and Nissan Skylines. Sought-after legends included a fine example of the BMW 1M, finished in Valencia Orange, along with a smart example of the legendary Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R - which was of course parked next to the later Nissan GT-R.

Our car of the meet however, was an immaculate BMW 2002 Turbo. It looked superb in white and you simply don't see them on the road anymore. A treat for the enthusiasts, that's for sure. This is the beauty of Car Café, you never know what you may see.

Car Cafe Nottingham

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