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Jaguar have raised the bar for premium car manufacturers by announcing a wholesale move to electrification of all cars by 2020, two decades ahead of the deadline set by the Government.

Showcasing of the future of Jaguar Land Rover took place at the inaugural Tech Fest, a free exhibition celebrating the best that transport has to offer and inviting open debate on the future of transport and environmentally-friendly motoring. 

Centre stage of Jaguar's plans are the three electric cars into which Jaguar has invested their future. Unveiling their vision for tomorrow, they also gave the world a glimpse into their designer's imaginations with FUTURE-TYPE. An entirely electric jaguar car due for launch in 2040. For many years the strapline for Jaguar was "Grace, Space, Pace". The new range of Jaguar electric cars for the past, present and future epitomise this mantra.

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Jaguar E-Type Zero

The demonstration of these new cars coincides with introduction of the inspirational new E-type Zero Concept. Equipped with an electric engine, the new E-type is a new twist on a classic design. All of the grace and pace is preserved, with a new cleaner greener engine.

Additional to this launch, Jaguar are offering a side-venture to convert existing classic E-types to the new zero-emissions engines, preserving the joy of motoring for classic car enthusiasts.

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Jaguar I-Pace Concept

Jaguar's first ever all-electric sports car - the Jaguar I-Pace offers an exhilarating drive, with immense power and impeccable design.

Driven by two electric motors, the I-Pace is catapulted from 0-60mph in just 4 seconds and glides perfectly on a range of different terrains. With All Wheel Drive, 700Nm of instance torque and 395BHP, the All-Electric Jaguar I-Pace most certainly does not compromise performance for efficiency.

If you're looking to make a statement with the car you drive, alongside saving the environment, you can certainly do so with the I-Pace range. The car's dramatic styling is distinctive, with a bonnet scoop and flush door handles to aid airflow when on the road.

The most sophisticated, advanced, technology is at the heart of the I-Pace. The two, touch screen, centre console infotainment systems
only add to the exceptional enjoyment of the electric Jaguar's driving experience.

Available from the latter end of 2018, the I-Pace will be the most efficient of the electric cars currently manufactured. The five-seater cabin and luxurious materials used on the interior will leave you feeling great for saving the planet and especially classy.

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Jaguar FUTURE-Type Prototype

The Jaguar FUTURE-TYPE is a view into a world as yet uncharted. Daring to imagine what others can barely dream of, Jaguar's FUTURE-TYPE explores not only how we will travel but also how our lifestyles will change with the passing of time.

Looking more moon buggy than car, the Jaguar FUTURE-TYPE literally looks like it belongs more in Tom Cruise's Minority Report world, than in a future just 23 years away. Envisioning an ultra-connected world which does not necessitate ownership of cars, Jaguar have anticipated shared ownership by developing an interface which is individually bespoke to your requirements. The removable steering wheel has in-built AI allowing you to control all spheres of your life, from ordering a take away to buying a new outfit.

Sayer, named after Malcolm Sayer, Designer of the iconic E-Type, has voice recognition to allow you to operate hands-free. Autonomous direction allows the car to drive you to your chosen destination, giving you the time to talk with loved ones, finish an assignment or buy some extra supplies for the fridge.

Replacing your phone, laptop and music system, Sayer is your key to Jaguar's exclusive on-demand service club. A club which you can join solely or as part of a consortium through shared ownership. To access this world, you need not necessarily own the car, just your own bespoke steering wheel.

If autonomy becomes a little hum-drum, you can always switch off the auto-pilot and take the wheel yourself. In fact, you can even take it with you. Sayer goes with you wherever you go and lives in your home as your trusted companion.

Past, Present and Future, Jaguar has their sights set firmly on an all-electric future. Their vision is bold and ambitious. Their intent is clear. To strive for a greener world and a more connected global community.

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