14 reasons to love the Morgan Plus 4

07th Apr 2015

Originally founded by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan 1910, Morgan Motor Company has gained a reputation as one of the UK's leading heritage car manufacturers over the past 105 years.

Known for its distinctive designs and remaining true to its vintage heritage, the Morgan Motor Company has managed to retain popularity and a loyal following. Morgan are Britain's only remaining, family owned, independent car maker.

It has created some of the world's most famous and notable vintage cars. From the Morgan 4/4 through to the Morgan Aero Plus 8, the brand never fails to provide astounding vehicles that will transport drivers back through time.

In this blog, we're going to look at the top 14 reasons to love the classic Morgan Plus 4 to really showcase what sets this piece of motoring genius apart.

Two Morgan Plus 4s driving on the road.
1. It's a classic
Most classic cars are such because they are things of beauty, works of art almost. They're rare, highly sought after and driving a classic is an unforgettable experience. What Shakespeare is to literature, the Morgan Motor Company is to classic cars so the number one reason to love the Morgan Plus 4 is because it always has been, and always will be, a true classic.

2. You can feel the wind in your hair
Another popular aspect of the Morgan Plus 4 is the fact that you can take the roof down with ease. Removing the roof of the Morgan Plus 4 adds an extra level of style and prestige to the car, and is a guaranteed showstopper in motion. It's a real winner in the summer months.

3. It's a real head turner
Along with its classic status come its vintage good looks. The Morgan Plus 4 is a vehicle that will inspire and impress anyone you see whilst out on the road and ensures that everyone will see you. This car commands attention and anyone at the wheel will undoubtedly get it.

White Morgan Plus 4 driving on the road.
4. You can still go hands-free
Although the look and feel of the vehicle will take you back decades, you don't have to forsake technology and safety as the addition of Bluetooth allows users to go hands free.  

5. It's made in England
Morgan is one of only a few British brands that still manufactures cars in the UK. Based in an area of Malvern, Worcestershire it still employs 163 people. With all cars still assembled by hand, you can be sure it's been lovingly made and is a true English Classic.

6. It's lightweight
The Morgan Plus 4 is a lightweight car, which gives it the ability to reach high speeds relatively quickly. But this lightweight nature also makes it a joy to drive with nimble handling and responsive steering.  

Morgan Plus 4 interiors.
7. A new driving experience
By keeping in touch with the retrospective vibe, the vehicle doesn't come with power assisted steering, meaning if you want to tame this beast, you're going to have to deploy your best driving skills. Getting back to the original ways of driving may come with challenges and not be as smooth as the modern driving experience people have become accustomed to, but it sure is an exciting one!

8. The engine boasts 154 horsepower
Another factor that makes the Morgan Plus 4 a great vehicle to take on the road is the engine power. It harnesses an impressive 154 horsepower, meaning if you're after a robust, powerful engine, yet a vintage looking vehicle - this is the perfect choice.

9. Retro = class
Let's not forget what's at the very heart of the success of this vehicle, and that is the fact that it's inspired by an age gone-by. Nostalgic and retro items are popular at the moment and always draw the crowds, and the Morgan Plus 4 lives and breathes heritage.

Morgan Plus 4 speedometer.
10. There are lots of options  
With them being assembled by hand, buyers were able to personalise the vehicle. With 80 leather interior options made available, you are sure to find a colour option out there to suit you.

11. It can go from 0-62 in 7.5 seconds
Due to its light weight, the Morgan Plus 4 can go from 0-60 in 7.5 seconds. It's not a car that's all about speed, but entertaining performance gives the perfect mix of retro charm and speedy style.

12. You can drive along to a modern soundtrack
Whilst you can imagine yourself in a classic film noir silent movie, you're soundtrack needn't echo this. The addition of a CD player and radio means the driver can experience the nostalgic drive to a modern soundtrack of their choosing.

Red Morgan Plus 4.
13. It oozes comfort
As you would expect of a car of this calibre, there is a full leather interior with padded, well supported seats so that if you're planning a journey in your Morgan, you can be sure it'll be a comfortable one.

14. It shines in the summertime
Morgan Motor Company didn't just stop at a convertible roof. Just like you can take the top down, you can go one step with the Morgan Plus 4 by losing the windows and top part of the door completely for that full drop top effect.  This is crowd pleaser during summer months and is another classic, vintage feature that's sure to draw attention on the roads.

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Blue Morgan Plus 4 with the roof down driving in the countryside.