Instagram Spotlight: Horsepower Hunters

11th Oct 2017

They say a picture paints a thousand words. For most, the popular social media app Instagram has given people the means to share glimpses into their lives, one photo at a time. It has also become a popular platform for many celebrities, brands and influencers to share what they are about. Interestingly, Instagram made no money until social media giant Facebook bought the app for a cool $1 billion, five years ago.
Blue Bugatti Chiron parked. Blue Porsche 917 at Heveningham Hall. Yellow and black Ford GT at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Silver Ferrari 250GTO at Silverstone. Blue Alfa Romeo Disco. Black Porsche 919 driving over Westminster Bridge.
Blue Bugatti Chiron parked. Blue Porsche 917 at Heveningham Hall. Yellow and black Ford GT at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Silver Ferrari 250GTO at Silverstone. Blue Alfa Romeo Disco. Black Porsche 919 driving over Westminster Bridge.

Cars on Instagram

Cars are a very much a popular theme within the app, and one of our favourite accounts unsurprisingly is automotive based, and goes by the name of 'Horsepower Hunters'. Despite the name, this is the work of a single individual - Thomas Howarth. He even jokes in his Instagram biography that 'Despite what my name suggests, there's only one of me'.

Horsepower Hunters

Horsepower Hunters is a dedicated automotive Instagram account, sharing the photos Thomas has captured; usually supercars, hypercars and the occasional performance car.

His outstanding photography is not just about capturing any old supercar. Horsepower Hunters manages to capture some of the world's rarest and most sought-after cars. Whether it's the latest Bugatti Chiron, or a priceless classic such as the Ferrari 250 GTO, chances are, it's on Horsepower Hunters. The level of skill involved in his photography is also hugely impressive.

Building an Instagram following

His work hasn't gone unnoticed either. At the time of writing, Horsepower Hunters has over 233k followers. This has caught the attention of many renowned automotive brands including online car community Pistonheads and the world's oldest car publication, Autocar, to which he contributes. Thomas is also the Social Media Manager at Topaz Detailing; a company which looks after and details some quite incredible cars.


We caught up with Thomas to ask him a few questions;

Q: What started your interest in cars?

A: I've always liked cars from a young age, enjoying the likes of Top Gear and Fifth Gear. Most of my friends at school also liked cars. Like most young boys I was fascinated by Ferraris and Lamborghinis. My family home is in Cumbria, and in that area, there aren't really any Supercars to speak of, so I've never been spoilt by being around them too much. There wasn't really a 'spark', I never remember not liking cars!

Q: What inspired you to start blogging/car photography?

A: When I moved to London in 2014 is when my passion for cars went up a level. I came here to study at university, and everywhere I went there were Supercars. For someone who had not spent a lot of time around cars like this before it was amazing.

Naturally I took pictures on my phone to show my friends. Whilst doing so I bumped into other guys who were doing the same thing. They all asked me 'where are you posting these?' and 'what's your Instagram?' However, at the time I didn't really use Instagram, and I'd never even thought of using it to bore my 27 followers with endless snaps of cars. So that was when Horsepower Hunters was born.

A: That night I made an account, and from then it was addictive, posting anything and everything I saw! After a few months, I moved on from just phone snaps and invested in a DSLR camera to try and make my page stand out from others.

LaFerrari Aperta? Excellent choice but we already knew that Thomas loves his Ferraris...

Q: What camera equipment do you currently use?

A: Currently I use a Nikon D750 DSLR with Sigma F1.4 35MM and F2.8 70-200MM lenses. This is the third different set up I've had, with a D3200 and D610 previously. I do still use my iPhone 7 Plus as well on occasion as in the right conditions it can produce excellent photos.

Q: How did the opportunity to work with Autocar and PistonHeads come about?

A: Last summer I started an internship at Haymarket Automotive, the home of both PistonHeads and Autocar. A friend suggested me to them in order to give advice on social media. I spent the summer there going with them to shoots and so on. Since then I've taken the role of social media contributor, and also write occasional articles/albums for PistonHeads of what I've seen in London and the events I've been to.

Q: What's your favourite car?

A: Currently my favourite car is either the Bugatti Chiron or LaFerrari Aperta (FXXK if non-road legal counts).

Q: How about your favourite classic car?

A: My favourite classic, and the most beautiful car ever made is the Ferrari 250 GT SWB!

Q: What car would you buy with £100k?

A: With £100K I would buy a Ford Focus RS, and a house. If that's cheating I'd buy a Ferrari F430!

Celebrating 70 years of Ferrari with Stratstone

We invited Thomas to our 70th Ferrari Anniversary celebrations. His content didn't disappoint with some incredible photos shared on his Horsepower Hunters account, along with the Autocar and Pistonheads Instagram accounts too.

If you aren't already following, and you love cars, give Horsepower Hunters a follow, along with the other accounts he contributes to.

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Ferraris 70th anniversary at Capesthrone Hall in Cheshire.