Jaguar Champion of Champions: The finalists

11th Dec 2015

They are all finalists in the Jaguar Champion of Champions; the most prestigious classic Jaguar Concours on the globe. On display for the duration of the 2015 NEC Classic Motor Show, these cars represent the very best kept examples of iconic Jaguars between 1933 and 1988.

After a number of regional events, all organised by Jaguar Drivers' Club, the finalists convene at the UK's largest motor show where the ultimate winner for 2015 is decided. Judging took place throughout Friday, alongside Jaguar CEO Dr Ralph Spelth and motoring Journalist Quentin Wilson.

Take a look through the 2015 champions, including the overall winner:

1960 Jaguar XK150 S at the 2015 NEC Classic Motor Show.

1957 Jaguar Mk1

The Jaguar Mk1 was the first small Jaguar saloon for over ten years, and this right-hand Mk1 was one of 16,250 examples produced at Daimler's new Browns Lane factory. One of the first cars to be produced without a chassis, the Mk1 is based on a monocoque structure which the E-Type would later be based on.

This particular car was found rusted out in 2005, and has since undergone a complete chassis and engine restoration. It has won the Mk1/Mk2 Register Championship Twice and this is its second appearance at the NEC Classic Car Show in Champion of Champions.
1957 Jaguar Mk1 at the 2015 NEC Classic Motorshow.

1959 Jaguar Mk lX

The Jaguar Mk IX was a large luxury saloon car, first launched in 1959 and built until 1961, with just over 10,000 produced. It continued to offer stunning value over competitors and unrivalled levels of luxury.

This example is one of the first off the line and features a 3.8 litre, 220bhp engine. Only three owners in its lifetime, this Jaguar Mk IX has been kept in pristine condition throughout its life and has won numerous competitions, first winning the Jaguar XK MK 7,8,9 Register in 1973, and taking part in the Jaguar 75th anniversary parade. It has been a finalist at the Champion of Champions in 1987; 1988, 2001, 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2015!
Black 1959 Jaguar Mk lX at the 2015 NEC Classic Motorshow.

1960 Jaguar XK150 S

The Jaguar XK150 S was a thoroughbred sports coupe, and the predecessor to the Jaguar E-Type. Building on the successes of the XK120 and XK140, the XK150 S model was top of the range, and used the most powerful engine variant available. With 265bhp at its disposal, the XK150S could reach 60mph in just 7 seconds.

This particular example was the outright winner for the Jaguar Champion of Champions in 2015. One of only 36 Right-Hand drive models, it won the accolade previously in 1997, and has numerous other successes with the Jaguar Drivers club. It underwent a full restoration in 1994 and remains in immaculate condition despite accumulating almost 80,000 miles.
The cream 1960 Jaguar XK150 S which won the Jaguar Champion of Champions award.

1969 Daimler Sovereign 420

The Daimler Sovereign, based on the Jaguar 420, was a compact sports saloon which was in production for two years, before it was surpassed by the Jaguar XJ 6. The model on show at the Champion of Champions is one of the final models to rolls off the production line.

The original owner sold it to a diplomat, who took the car to Spain with him, before it returned to the UK. The car was disposed of before being re-commissioned in 2003. The car is in almost perfect condition despite undergoing no restoration work, and has gone on to participate in two Concours of Elegance events and win the 2010 Heathrow (British Airways) Classic Car Show.
1969 Daimler Soverign 420 at the 2015 NEC Classic Motor Show.

1988 Dailmer XJ40

This Daimler XJ40 was the youngest example of a classic Jaguar on show, at a sprightly 27 years old! Upon its launch in 1987 XJ40 was the newest in a long line of luxury saloon cars from the brand, boasting the latest advancements in technology.

This model was bought by an owner who was chauffeur driven, and underwent a full restoration at 100,000 miles in the mid-nineties. It is now a winning show car in concours events both nationally and regionally with the Jaguar Drivers' Club.
1988 Dailmer XJ40 at the 2015 NEC Classic Motor Show.

1970 Jaguar E-Type Coupe

This car was amongst the last 4.2 litre E-Type models available, and was sold to K. D .Campbell Esq. of Ripon. The current owner has actually had the car for 43 years, having purchased it just a year later from its first owner. It was used regularly up until 1980, where with 59,000 miles on the clock it went in to a shed for storage, remaining untouched for the next 22 years.

In May of 2002, the Jaguar underwent a full restoration in order to return it to its former glory. Kept as close to its origins as possible, the engine was stripped down and rebuilt, as was the chassis and bodywork. The engine was tuned to perfection and the car readied for a new lease of life. As of 2003 the car has been touring various concours events around the UK.
Red 1970 Jaguar E-Type Coupe at the 2015 NEC Classic Motorshow.