Jaguar Designer Shares Electrified Future

07th Nov 2018

Electric vehicles have been a hot topic within the automotive industry for some time now; and with leading scientists reporting that global warming is becoming an increasing concern, it's highly likely electric cars will become the norm in the future.

According to Jaguar design director Ian Callum and leading architect Jon Eaglesham, electric cars could be the catalyst for substantial transformation within urban environments around the globe. 

Concept One - Today

During the event - that was hosted by Stratstone Jaguar in Mayfair - Callum and Eaglesham presented four concepts.

The first, called 'Today' places focus on reinventing the humble service station. The general idea is to transform a tired and uninspiring service station into a location that boasts an array of amenities including shops, gyms, restaurants and swimming pools. The end result is a refreshed service area that provides travellers with greater options to occupy themselves with while charging their vehicle.

Image demonstrating service stations with more amenities to entertain drivers while they charge their vehicle.

Concept Two - Tomorrow

The second 'Tomorrow' concept is based around the well-known multi-storey car park on Welbeck Street in London's West End.

Callum and Eaglesham, who believe the structure represents 'an era of fossil-fuel consumption', said: "Reimagined as a self-sufficient charging plaza, the proposal is to reinvent the existing stock of city centre multi-storey car parks, where owners of electric vehicles who are less likely to have access to off-street parking at their homes can charge their cars adjacent to good public-transport links. The result is cleaner and greener surroundings and parts of the building freed up for retail and leisure use."

Image based on Welbeck Street car park in London, demonstrating having multiple charging points near public transport.

Concept Three - Electric City

The third 'Electric City' concept places focus on Callum and Eaglesham's vision of emission-free cities becoming a fast approaching reality.

The idea is based around Liverpool's Stanley Dock - a once iconic building that fell into a state of disrepair in the 1980s - which would be reimagined as a hub for the community, helping to breathe new life into the city through the creation of industries and facilities; these renovations would be based around the use of green energy.

Drawing based on Liverpool's Stanley Dock.

Concept Four - Electric Future

The final concept is called 'Electric Future' and brings all of the other concepts together to produce an illustration of the future.

Each city around the world would be cleaner, and would have fully implemented an infrastructure change that accommodates electric vehicles. Electrically self-sufficient, each major city would be able to harness natural energy to create power for electric cars to run on.

Electrically self-sufficient city, demonstrating an 'Electric Future'.

Words of Wisdom

Speaking at the event, Ian Callum, said: "As a designer, I'm hugely excited by the opportunity this widespread adoption of electric cars presents. We have a unique chance for wholesale change of the facilities available to drivers as we reinvent usage and 'filling' patterns for our vehicles. The concepts we are presenting show a vision of what is possible, what is needed and what it could look like.

"There's a natural synergy between car design and architecture, and architects are generally very keen on sustainability. For car designers, electrification allows us to do something different - it's the most freedom I've had in 40 years of designing cars."

Ian Callum presenting Electrified Future at Stratstone Jaguar in Mayfair.