Jaguar Project 7 Was Just the Start of SVO

28th Jun 2017

Jaguar and SVO

Jaguar has a rich heritage of creating some of the most evocative sports cars in history, using a mix of performance and elegance; not to mention having created what is perhaps one of the most beautiful cars ever produced - the Jaguar E-Type.

With the birth of the Jaguar F-Type in more recent times, and not forgetting the stunning Jaguar F-Pace SUV, Jaguar have certainly not lost their ability to create spectacular looking vehicles. However, with the ever-growing demand from enthusiasts lusting after even more performance, more exclusivity and more hardcore Jaguar models, Jaguar decided to create SVO.

Jaguar state that "SVO offers halo models, limited run collectors' editions and high specification vehicles. Every car showcases the best of Jaguar with stunning performance, unsurpassed luxury and cutting-edge technology."

From this, it is quite evident that SVO cars are some of the most sought-after Jaguar's in existence. This is not to say a standard 'Jag' is less of a Jaguar than an SVO product, SVO models are quite simply the best of the best in terms of fine Jaguar creations. 

Jaguar F-Type Project 7 (2015)

The Jaguar F-Type Project 7 was the first car created by SVO, after a concept of the car was shown at The Goodwood Festival of Speed. After collectors and car enthusiasts insisted Jaguar should create the Project 7 as a production car, the F-Type Project 7 was finally put into a low-volume model with only 250 being built. Power was boosted to 567bhp, up from the Jaguar F-Type R's 542bhp - which was Jag's hottest F-Type available at the time. This extra power enabled the Project 7 to hit 60mph in 3.8 seconds, which along with various weight-saving initiatives, ensured the Project 7 was one extremely fast Jag!

It looked incredible too, taking inspiration from Jaguar's iconic racing past, with the name coming from Jaguar winning Le Mans seven-times; with three of the victories achieved driving the sublime classic Jaguar D-Type. In honour of the D-Type, the SVO designers had to try and make a 'modern day D-Type' when creating the Project 7.

Therefore, the most striking part of the Project 7 is the 'hump' behind the driver's head, an iconic design taken from the classic D-Type, along with a subtle livery giving a nod to classic racing Jaguar's. 

Blue Jaguar F-Type Project 7 (2015) driving.

Jaguar F-Type SVR (2016)

The Jaguar F-Type SVR is yet another stunning Jaguar, and another incredibly high performing F-Type. Thing is, the SVR is the only one which can break 200mph! Using an evocative 5.0-litre V8, featuring 575ps, 60mph is dealt with in only 3.5 seconds. A more aggressive body style is evident over the standard F-Type, as well as a Carbon Fibre rear wing and SVR detailing throughout - as well as featuring an even more throatier sports exhaust system.

Unlike the Project 7, production is not limited. However, this doesn't mean it's any less special. The typically Jaguar supercharged engine is a peach, and thanks to a titanium exhaust - it sounds even more unbelievable than the already impressively acoustic F-Type.

Inside the F-Type you also get a stunning pair of leather SVR sport seats, along with a choice of premium leather colours. An SVR branded steering wheel ensures you know you're sat in something special, along with a stunning optional Carbon Fibre centre console. 

Orange Jaguar F-Type SVR (2016) driving on the road.

Jaguar XE SV Project 8 (2017)

Fast forward to 2017, and Jaguar have just announced another SVO car.

This time around the Jaguar SVO team have created "The Most Extreme Performance Jaguar Ever" - The Jaguar XE SV Project 8. Jaguar SVO aren't kidding either, as this new hardcore performance Jaguar comes complete with 600PS and a renowned 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 - meaning this is in fact, the most powerful road legal Jaguar ever! What's more, the incredible Project 8 can crack 200mph and propel itself from 0-60mph in an astonishing 3.3 seconds! Production will be strictly limited to 300 examples.

Styling is far from subtle. The Project 8 looks like a purposeful road-legal race car, complete with a race car-like mentality thanks to a huge rear wing, wide arches and a much more pumped up and aggressive body style over the standard XE. Other race car-like features include a carbon bonnet, 20-inch forged alloy wheels and an adjustable front splitter which only compliment further this dominant race car, track focused image.

A Titanium Variable Active Exhaust provides the stunning acoustic race car-like soundtrack, too. The body also features aluminium body panels for enhanced weight saving, which along with the track-focused appearance prove the Project 8 design is not just a styling exercise as they help to keep the car nimble and aerodynamic. The Project 8 also features Jaguar's All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, ensuring the colossal power can be utilised in the most effective way on track!

Inside, customers can opt for a typical four door saloon lay out with rear seats; or simply tick the 'Track Pack' for rear seats substituted with a half roll cage and stunning Jaguar Carbon Fibre bucket seats complete with four-point Sabelt harnesses for the full race car vibe.  
Customers can even spec a selection of decals, along with having to choose between a vast selection of stunning colours. Fuji White, Narvik Black and Caldera Red are the standard Project 8 colours, along with an array of stunning colours from the SVO Premium Palette which include Valencia Orange, Verbier Silver, Meribel White, Velocity Blue and Corris Grey (satin matte).

If that wasn't enough, further finishes from the SVO Premium Palette range are also offered, which include finishes in tri-coat, pearlescent, tinted clear coat, ChromaFlairTM and satin matte finishes. 

Check out vital statistics of these cars below and decide which is your favourite:

Jaguar statistics: F-Type Project 7, SVR and XE Project 8.

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