Motorcycle Tyres. Don't Chance it, Change It!

06th Jul 2018

Two Points

It is sometimes easy to forget that the only two points that connect you to the road on a motorcycle are the tyres. Therefore, it's extremely important to check your motorcycle tyres regularly.

Not only are they the first point of contact with the road, but they could be the very reason for your safety and well-being.

But don't just take our word for it. What better way to explain the importance of tyre safety than by listening to a legendary motorcycle racer John McGuinness.




  • Tyres have to go through so much: wet and dry conditions, sand, gravel etc.
  • Tyres go through so much stress, need confidence in the condition.
  • Check your tyres, have a look if there is anything in them that could cause the tyre to put you in danger.
  • "Absolutely no chance I would repair a tyre... it wouldn't even enter my head. No way I would put a plug in a motorbike tyre".
  • "On a car you've got 4 wheels - you've got half a chance, with two wheels it's a lot more dangerous. If in doubt put a new tyre on!"


A simple process that could save lives. Pressure. Condition. Tread. By following this easy three step process, you can insure your safety and others is taken care of.

Pressure: Can affect how a motorcycle handles, accelerates and will also affect braking.

Condition: With constant contact with the road, tyres can pick up debris and can become damaged from potholes and curbs. These factors can cause punctures or cause the bike to become dangerous to ride safely.

Tread: Tread depth ensures a tyre stays in contact with the road in multiple weather conditions. A bald tyre can affect handling and braking time and distance.

What Is Worth More To You?

The Department for Transport's report shows that motorcycles are three-times more likely to be involved in a tyre-related accident than that of a car.

As John McGuiness expresses in the video, a car has more contact points and a body around the driver and passengers. You simply don't get that extra peace of mind with a motorcycle.

By carrying out simple weekly checks on your motorcycle tyres could well mean you avoid becoming a dreaded statistic. And remember, if you are unsure on the condition of your tyres - Don't chance it, change it!
Tyre Safe Campaign poster.


Safety is everything when it comes to making the most out of your motorcycle.

Still unsure, why not take advantage of some of our services, help and advice, available from your nearest Harley-Davidson® retailer - whatever make of bike you have, we are happy to check it over.