The Best Ferrari Models?

18th Aug 2017

The Stratstone Ferrari 70th Anniversary event was incredible. We were so overwhelmed by the number of people who took time to make the day a huge success, including all of our customers, Ferrari owners and the general public.

As well as the priceless cars from the Ferrari history, such as multiple variants of the iconic Ferrari 250 being showcased at our Ferrari Wilmslow service centre, along with the incredible LaFerrari Apertas and iconic Enzo, we thought it would be only right to highlight some of our other favourites which we spotted on display, too.

Ferrari F12tdf

Think of any Ferrari and you will probably envisage a red supercar. Sometimes however, seeing a Ferrari in another colour is quite unique and unexpected. When the colour in question is 'Giallo Tristrato' on a F12tdf; the end result is stunning. The Ferrari F12tdf price when new was around £340,000. Now, the tdf commands upwards of £750,000. It comes as no surprise considering only 799 F12tdf models were made, each delivering 769bhp from a colossal 6.3-litre V12 engine. This makes the tdf one of the quickest Ferraris out there with 60mph coming up in just 2.9 seconds.

Yellow Ferrari F12tdf parked.

Ferrari F355 Spider

Released over 20 years ago in 1995, the Ferrari F355 still looks superb, especially in red! The 355 was an already beautiful looking car, yet the Spider takes it a notch further. Even with the roof up, it still looks achingly beautiful. The sound of its 3.5-litre V8 engine is classic Ferrari and its beauty still turns heads despite its age, it certainly turned ours despite being parked next to an array of other stunning cars, gracing the prancing horse motif.

Red Ferrari F355 Spider parked on the grass.

Ferrari 550 Maranello

Another Ferrari which is over 20 years old - this time the front-engined Ferrari 550 Maranello featuring an orchestral 5.5-litre V12. This made the 550 an excellent GT car, perfect for touring in complete comfort, with the possibility to unleash unbelievable performance when necessary. Interestingly, the 550 Maranello fell short of the magical 200mph mark by just 1mph - not that buyers really cared when it looked this good!


Blue Ferrari 550 Maranello parked on the grass.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

The second F12 Ferrari to feature in our list. It isn't the special edition tdf but in this particular spec and only a day old on arrival to Capesthorne, it had to be included. There is just something about a front-engined V12 Ferrari. This happened to be the car's first outing after being picked up from our Stratstone Wilmslow dealer the day before, where the lucky customer took delivery. It looked incredible parked alongside other F12 Ferrari variants and the noise from the V12 is something else!
Blue Ferrari F12 Berlinetta parked up.

Ferrari 360 Modena

The 360 was the successor to the Ferrari F355. The Modena name comes from the birthplace of Ferrari founder - Enzo Ferrari. It looked completely different to the 355 and kicked-off a new era for design at Ferrari. It also contained a perfect recipe for success; a mid-engined V8. It was the first Ferrari to feature an aluminium spaceframe chassis; 40% lighter than the 355 steel set-up. The smoother, more curved body looks great too, and finished in silver the 360 Modena still looks wonderfully elegant and crisp.

Grey Ferrari 360 Modena parked on the grass.