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The top 5 cars to see at Classic Nostalgia voted for by Stratstone, including a legendary Ferrari and an extremely rare Jaguar.

1. Ferrari F40

Witness the Ferrari F40 that was manufactured in 1987 for Ferrari's 40th birthday. This car remains an all-time favourite for Ferrari fans because of the sheer power this vehicle had in 1987. Ferrari created this power through fitting a 90-degree v8 engine with a compression rate of 7.7.1, resulting in a top speed of 201mph! This was unbelievably quick for a car back in 1987.

However, not only did this vehicle drive like a race car, it also looked like one. Ferrari designed the F40 with minimalistic interior features that were accentuated for the racers appeal and were iconic of Ferrari's 40th birthday.

The F40 has only appreciated in value since 1987 and is worth a staggering £950,000 today. You can view the F40 on Saturday and Sunday.

2. Lightweight E-type

In 1963, Jaguar announced that they were going to manufacture 18 authentic lightweight E-Types, however, only 12 were manufactured. In 2014, Jaguar announced that they were going to complete the production of the 'missing six', using the original 1960's manufacturing methods to create the original lightweight E-type Jaguar's.

Stratstone purchased one of the 'missing six' Jaguar Lightweight E-Types in May 2015. Since the purchase date, Chris Harris (BBC Top Gear Presenter) has taken this vehicle to race at Le Mans Classic and fed back that the "car is absolutely stunning - simply magnificent". The Lightweight E-Type will be displayed on Saturday and Sunday at Classic Nostalgia.

3. Porsche 924 Coupe

The 924 was developed by Porsche on behalf of Volkswagen because of the success of the 914. The 924 was designed to be aerodynamic, with an iconic flat bonnet and pop up headlights.

Porsche was the first manufacturer to introduce a liquid cooled front engine that produced 125hp. This was relatively slow for Porsche, however they designed this car for its sleek looks, precise driving and inspiring handling.

Following on from the success of the 924, Porsche developed a 924S that did a remarkable 0-60 in 7.4 seconds for the speed enthusiasts.

You'll find the 924 showcased on both Saturday and Sunday at the Classic Nostaglia Experience.

4. Ford Popular Saloon

The Ford Popular Saloon was spotted on every street back in the 1950's because it was the UK lowest price car and the most affordable. The reason this vehicle was so inexpensive was because it had basic mechanical functions, like a 3-speed gearbox and an engine that did 30hp. This vehicle did 0-60 in 58.2 seconds, this was awfully slow for hot rod.

However, this vehicle wasn't designed around speed. This vehicle was designed to be cost effective and compete with Fords competitors and it really did compete. In fact, the Ford Popular Saloon broke the entry level in the market in 1954.

The Ford Saloon will be displayed on Saturday and Sunday at Classic Nostalgia.

5. Jaguar C-X75

The C-X75 was designed in 2010 to become the most innovated and technologically advanced concept car. The C-X75 is a cutting-edge hybrid that has a 1.6 Formula One inspired dual boosted powerplant that generates 502bhp. As well as this, it also has an electric motor, which generates a further 390 horsepower. When Jaguar initially launched the C-X75 prototype, it reached 200mph with an incredible downforce of 200kg with ease.

The C-X75 was going to be the world's highest specific powered engine and Jaguar's first carbon composite monocoque chassis. However, it never made it into the production. Have the rare opportunity to see the Jaguar C-X75 at Shelsley Walsh.

Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia Experience

With some of the most authentic and spectacular cars that will be on show at Shelsley Walsh, this will be an unforgettable experience and one definitely not to be missed. Also, there will be live music, fresh food, retail stands and the famous hill climb to watch. So, book your tickets now.

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