Top 6: The Best Premium Cars for Dog Owners

22nd Nov 2019

According to the 2019 Pet Population report, commissioned by the PFMA, dogs are the most popular pet in UK households, with 25% of households owning dogs. Therefore, it is easy to understand why many people need to consider their dog in their car purchasing decision. 

Although spaciousness is a huge consideration, especially with larger dogs, it isn't the only factor that defines the suitability of a vehicle for a canine companion. Dogs need to be able to easily access the boot, experience a comfortable journey and some manufacturers even sell accessories aimed specifically at dogs such as boot liners, partitions and ramps. 

To assist with your search for a dog-friendly car, here are our top six cars for dog owners and we have covered the features that make each car worthy of transporting man's (or woman's) best friend!

Land Rover Discovery (Fifth Generation)

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery has long been a go-to choice for owners with larger dogs, and with good reason. The Discovery boasts a split-folding rear tailgate that is perfect for medium to larger sized dogs to hop on to.

The Discovery has seven seats, however, if your dog is travelling in the boot the two rear seats can be folded down to provide extra space. The boot is 1,411mm wide and 902mm high, enough space for larger breeds such as a Great Dane or a Bernese Mountain Dog.

There are numerous storage compartments located around the cabin and rear for securing belongings. A panoramic sunroof is also available, allowing maximum light and air into the cabin to keep your dog comfortable on long journeys.

Land Rover also have a large range of pet packs available including Pet Loadspace Protection Pack, Pet Transportation Pack and Pet Care and Access Pack. These packs include accessories such as full height partitions, loadspace liners and ramps.

Porsche Cayenne (Third Generation)

Porsche Cayenne

Performance is the main focus with the Porsche Cayenne, despite being a comfortable and spacious SUV.

Practicality isn't an issue with this sports car as a generous 1,710-litres of space is available in the boot when the rear bench is folded down. This space is perfect for a large dog such as a German Shepherd and the square, wide boot allows space for two large dogs to lie down comfortably.

Dogs aren't the only passengers that can enjoy the luxury interior and powerful performance, the Cayenne effortlessly combines quality, ergonomics and technology; building the driving position around the driver for the perfect driving experience.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (Sixth Generation)

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class estate is a practical yet stylish vehicle. Equipped with a massive boot that is 1,100mm wide, 819mm high and 2,005mm deep, to comfortably fit a Rottweiler or several smaller dog breeds. This estate's boot is much more spacious than its rivals and to create extra space the rear seats can be folded down easily, thanks to the controls that can be found in the boot. 

Throughout the car there are multiple storage spaces for small objects, such as the front arm rest. Additionally, opening and closing the boot is easy thanks to the electrically-operated tailgate. The boot is flush with the tailgate opening and is one of the lowest, ideal for those pets that struggle jumping in and out of higher cars. 

Scoring the full five stars in Euro NCAP crash testing, you can rest assured that your canine companions are travelling safely in the E-Class. 

Jaguar F-PACE (First Generation)

Jaguar F-Pace

The Jaguar F-PACE boasts an incredible boot space with a width of 1,255mm and a height of 751mm, ensuring a comfortable journey for one or two Labrador Retrievers. 

Another benefit of the F-PACE is the reversible boot floor that is carpeted on one side and rubberised on the other; removing any concerns of muddy paws and dog hairs! Furthermore, the luxury SUV's tailgate benefits from optional power opening and closing functions as well as gesture control, enabling hands-free operation.

A Pet Care and Access Pack can be purchased to accessorise the F-PACE so it is fully prepared for transporting four-legged friends in comfort, whilst protecting the car.

MINI Countryman (Second Generation)

MINI Countryman

The MINI Countryman is the biggest MINI in the range and the compact SUV is a great family car thanks to its practicality. With a reasonably spacious 450-litre boot, it's suitable for the family dog too. If travelling with a larger dog, such as a Golden Retriever, they may be more comfortable with the rear seats folded down as the boot capacity then increases to 1,390-litres. Less agile dogs will be grateful of the fairly low load lip, making access to the boot easier.

Some used examples may include the optional electric tailgate, opening the boot from a simple wave of the foot under the rear bumper.

The MINI Countryman is available as a Plug-In Hybrid too, find out what it is like Living with a MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid to see if this is the right car for you. 

BMW 5 Series Touring (Fifth Generation)

BMW 5 Series Touring

Undeniably practical, the BMW 5 Series Touring is another estate which is ideal for dogs. Sleek and sporty, the elegant curves of the 5 Series Touring disguise a spacious and functional interior. With a boot space of 570-litres, the square load area is plenty large enough for even the biggest of dogs. Need extra boot space? Fold down the rear seats for a generous 1,700-litres boot capacity, 

It also features numerous load-dividing nets which can help keep your cargo separate from your beloved pet. A standard feature on the 5 Series touring is self-levelling suspension which keeps things calm and composed inside the cabin - an important factor for dogs who can often bear the brunt of poor ride quality.

The versatility of the 5-Series load space makes the BMW a prime contender for any dog owner. Standard kit includes an automatic handbrake, climate control in the front and rear, and easy-to-wipe leather upholstery.
Although we consider the above six cars to be some of the best used premium cars for dog owners, there are many more premium cars that are up for the job of transporting family dogs, so why not browse our entire range of premium pre-owned cars?