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A major event for the world's top class car manufacturers and a save the date for any car enthusiast, the Paris Motor Show has geared up and put on an adrenaline-charged exhibition. From 1st-16th October the show captivated visitors whilst creating an aura of excitement. The countdown for 2017 launches is more than underway!

The Mondail de l'Automobile, more commonly known as the Paris Motor Show is held every two years in the bustling French capital. Created by the Automobile Club De France, the event was first held in 1898 and has continued to be one of the most significant car events of its type throughout automobile history. The show offers manufactures the chance to pull out all the stops and unveil their latest models and experiment with concept cars - an insight into the future of the automobile world!

For 2016 the Paris Motor Show electrified crowds by embracing a futuristic theme, raising the hype around electric vehicles and upcoming developments... Should we expect electric vehicles to lead the way?

From high profile premiers, crazy concepts, to a celebration of prancing horses, have a look at some of our favourites.

Meet our stars of the show.

Mercedes - Benz EC Generation EQ

Joining the electric revolution,  and a first for the German manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz have brought you the stunning Generation EQ. Standing for 'Electric Intelligence', the electric concept car hints at a new electric vehicle structure giving an insight into autonomous driving technology and safety features which could be seen to be rolled out amongst the Mercedes range. Is the future electric for Mercedes-Benz? The EQ hints it is of SUV material in showing off a bold and confident exterior. The EQ is contemporarily styled with an impressive front grille and features giving it an electro-aesthetic look. Holding an athletic yet elegant stance and staying true to Mercedes tradition, the SUV is sprinkled with touch of class with sleek LED lighting, sharp lines and an impressive interior.

Power for the SUV comes in the form of two electric motors which have been developed to deliver a maximum of 402 bhp and top torque of 516lb. Despite its chunky stand the EQ is capable of delivering thrill seeking speeds, suggestions have been made it can achieve 0-62 mph in less than five seconds.

Land Rover Discovery 5

Certainly one of the jaw droppers of the show, Land Rover unveil the new seven seater discovery. The fifth to join the generation of Discovery models, the Disco 5 has experienced a radical make over aesthetically and mechanically, showing off designer looks and a more environment friendly engine. It has made a massive leap forward in terms of appearance, boasting a contemporary and sportier profile, the Disco 5 has a rounded and elegant body despite its chunkier stance. However, it stays true to its practical and versatile nature and is best in class in terms of off-road capability. Thanks to improved engineering you can expect a reduction in emissions and a cleaner running Disco without compromising on the rugged performance.

The engine headliner is the 3-litre s16 supercharged petrol v6, it produces a whopping 335 bhp and can take you to speeds of 62mph in an exceptionally respectable 7.1 seconds. Not to mention we were impressed with the top technology it is packed with, including smart controlled seats - reconfigure car seats and create space without stepping outside! The Land Rover Discovery 5 is a premium lifestyle accessory.

Guest motoring blogger, Chris Pollitt, comments; "The new Discovery looks like Iron Man's helmet and it should contain substance as much as image. Land Rover has never compromised off-road ability in favour of tarmac-topping image and I'm confident the newest Discovery will embody the philosophy of other Discoveries - they're brilliant off road."

MINI Clubman John Cooper Works

A British icon which never disappoints. Flying the flag for Great Britain, say Bonjour to the MINI Clubman JCW edition made its premier at the Paris Motor Show. Inspired by the racing legend John Cooper the new Clubman has experienced a style over haul thanks to exclusive styling and an improved engineering to ensure it packs a punch. The Clubman has an eye catching design, sporting aggressively styled front and rear bumpers, custom alloy wheels and unique JWC badging. There is refinement in every inch of the body with the option to accessorise the clubman with personality matching features.Don't be deceived by compact look of the MINI, it is an extreme athlete.  The most powerful Clubman yet, the newest offering features a turbo charged 2.1 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine and thrill seekers will be impressed by its ability to reach a top speed of 148 mph! You can put your foot down and experience high performance driving whilst being confident that it can handle wide ranging demands. Thanks to stiffer suspension the MINI Clubman is a sportier ride and has impressive road handling with the MINI all 4 all-wheel drive.

Remembering it's what is on the inside that counts, practicality has not been comprised as a result of the Clubman's racy look. Technology is also of top class as the new edition features the first touch screen control system. The MINI Clubman JCW is presented as an all-round talent - it's true, good things do come in 'mini' packages.

LaFerrari Aperta

Ferrari reveal the newest car to join their troop, the LaFerrari Aperta. Introducing audiences to 'Al Fresco Driving', 'Aperta' is Italian for 'open top'. Inspired by a masterpiece in the Ferrari Family, the LaFerrari, and the Aperta mimics its classic silhouette. It has a striking an innovative image yet remains loyal to the Ferrari sports car archetype, in the form of an elegantly sculpted body with a sharp downward sloping nose and muscular wheel arches. The Aperta has a fast and furious performance. It is mechanically identical to the La Ferrari coupe, which is hyped up as one of the fastest and most exciting cars in the world. You can expect thrilling driving capabilities as in being powered by the same powertrain it has can reach breathtakingly high speeds of up to 217 mph - certainly not a ride for the faint hearted. To add to the appeal of this spectacular sports car, to make its debut it has adopted a bold black and red pinstripe finish which can be seen to resemble the legendry Batmobile.  This is truly a spell binding car.

Alongside the star of the pack, Ferrari has showed off bespoke vehicles which have been finished off with 70 liveries chosen from Ferrari history as a pre celebration of Ferrari's 70th anniversary which takes place in 2017. A real treat for audiences as they get exclusive access to unseen editions. Each car on stand are clearly distinguishable thanks to the striking designs and their stamp of honour - the 70 years badge. One of our favourites were 'The Schumacher', a 488 GTB sporting a similar image of the 2003 World Championship F1 car with a classic Ferrari red exterior with white stripes and completed with shocking yellow paddle shifters.