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BMW Z4 and 3 Series Launch: 7th March 2019

This year welcomes an array of new brand-new, cutting-edge BMW models. Stratstone BMW is therefore giving you the chance to be some of the first to see some of these all-new, state-of-the-art models. Therefore, on Thursday 7th March 2019, Stratstone BMW invite you to witness the all-new BMW 3 Series along with all-new BMW Z4 up close and personal, at our special preview event.

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New BMW Z4

When the first BMW Z4 was introduced in 2002, it followed on from other sharply styled BMW Z Series sports cars, being the fourth-generation in the BMW Z Series history. The BMW Z4 followed on from the first-generation BMW Z1, second-generation BMW Z3 and third-generation BMW Z8.

Upon launch, the BMW Z4 offered striking sports car looks in a sought-after roadster bodystyle. In terms of design, it stood out for all the right reasons and was then joined by an equally striking Z4 Coupe later on in its life cycle.

The fifth-generation BMW Z4 came out in 2009, and featured more curves than that of the angular Z4 which has gone before it. Only available as a roadster, this newer model made use of a retractable hard top. A long bonnet, curvaceous styling and a choice of impressive engines ensured the BMW Z Series carried on the popular BMW sports car series perfectly.

Which leads us onto the latest all-new sixth-generation BMW Z4. Again, the iconic kidney grille has been increased in size giving a bold, confident aura which is replicated in new BMW models. The whole car is a coming together of classy enhancements, timeless design and a dynamic focus. A range of exciting engine choices ensure this all-new BMW Z4 will have the power to match its stunning looks.

Step inside and you're greeted by the latest Operating System 7.0. This gives the driver intuitive and personalised controls. The state-of-the-art feel is complemented by BMW Live Cockpit Professional, which features a gorgeous 10.25" touchscreen display. Furthermore, with the inclusion of the Intelligent Personal Assistant, which can learn driver behavior - this all-new BMW Z4 is properly smart, in more ways than one!

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New BMW Z4 - Exterior More Photos

New BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is without doubt one of the finest premium cars available. Since its birth in the seventies, the BMW 3 Series has been the pinnacle choice for those looking for a premium, mid-sized car. Adrian van Hooydonk (Senior Vice President BMW Group Design) expresses that "For many customers, the BMW 3 Series is the ultimate BMW and the face of the brand."

For over forty years, the BMW 3 Series has continued to set the tone for BMW in being 'The Ultimate Driving Machine'. It has done this by excelling in all six generations, from the first-generation (E21) all the way through to the outgoing sixth-generation (F30). And how can you mention BMW 3 Series history without mentioning the iconic E30 3 Series - the first generation to give the world the legendary BMW M3.

The all-new seventh-generation BMW 3 Series (G20) which Stratstone BMW will be showcasing on the 7th March is set to continue the impressive history, with an array of exciting new features, design details and of course the impressive driving experience. This is of course carrying on the typical BMW 3 Series character of being billed throughout history as the ultimate driver's car, thanks to focused rear-wheel drive and a fine chassis set-up. In this all-new seventh-generation, the iconic kidney grille has been increased in size, but is still unmistakably BMW. Dynamic details, short overhangs and sharp design language ensures this new BMW 3 Series is as sharp as ever, without stepping away from the heritage and history.

Step inside the all-new BMW 3 Series and you'll be greeted by state-of-the-art infotainment, fine material choice and a familiar BMW 3 Series trait of the dashboard focused upon the driver. The BMW 3 Series has been turned up to 11, again!

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New BMW 3 Series More Photos

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