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Our Ferrari Wilmslow dealership is one of only a select few locations in the world to offer our customers the complete Ferrari Classiche treatment, on the finest Ferrari classic models.Over 70 years ago, some of Ferrari's very first GT cars emerged from the iconic Maranello factory, and are still in existence today. We understand that the owners of such special cars will want to keep them in the utmost condition, whilst retaining complete originality, perfect working order and ensuring they are always highly exhilarating to drive.

What is Ferrari Classiche?

Ferrari Classiche was designed explicitly to restore and maintain classic Ferraris, providing specialist technical assistance that Certificates the Authenticity to those with a classic Ferrari.

What service Ferrari Wilmslow can bring to Classic Ferrari drivers?

Maintaining and servicing such cars is by no means a simple process. It is a tremendously specialised procedure and cannot be done by just any dealership. Stratstone Ferrari Wilmslow are able to offer the full Ferrari Classiche programme, with a first-class service which maintains the heritage and condition of these fine vehicles.

As with any Ferrari, each individual component is designed and produced to the highest standard, delivering outstanding performance. We have complete access to detailed information from the extensive Ferrari archive including assembly and design sheets dating back to 1947.

We understand that some parts may be unoriginal on certain vehicles, therefore we are able to commission parts which will be made using the original Ferrari specifications and manufacturing processes - using specialist machinery to ensure your classic Ferrari is kept 100% original.

To book a consultation with the team to discuss Ferrari Classiche authentication, call Stratstone Wilmslow Ferrari on 01625 317339.

More on Ferrari Classiche

For more infomation about Ferrari Classiche you can enquire here, or visit our Stratstone Ferrari Wilmslow dealership.

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