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Who said the Coupé had to compromise practicality and comfort? The Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé is proof you can have it all. Offering sleek and smart style, the Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé offers familiar saloon practicality, whilst also offering cutting-edge technology.

Interior comfort is as to be expected from a premium brand such as Mercedes-Benz, with the quality of materials being second-to-none, complemented perfectly by state-of-the-art digital infotainment and instrument clusters which ensure the cabin is a thoroughly state-of-the-art experience, ensuring you'll find yourself grabbing the keys at any excuse.

Compatibility with smartphones is simple and ensures you can keep legal whilst on the go, the Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé perfectly integrates into daily life with ease, thanks to the futuristic, cutting-edge technology, which makes navigation, ambiance and operation slick and effortless. Our Mercedes-Benz CLA contract hire offers will keep business owners happy too, the pick of which you can see below.

Stratstone Mercedes-Benz Business Contract Hire

Mercedes fleet vehicles are your perfect business partner. With a vast choice of hatchbacks, saloons, SUVs and sports cars, a Mercedes-Benz company car combines all of the world-renowned performance and refinement in a cost-effective package. Our dedicated Business Advisors take the time to understand your Mercedes-Benz leasing needs, emphasised by the fact our Leeds retailer were awarded Fleet Team of the Year 2017 by Mercedes-Benz. We also offer a Complete Care for Business Plan, taking care of your servicing and maintenance needs at your convenience.
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