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The heavily refreshed Jaguar XE builds on the previous model's successful traits with a series of technological and visual enhancements. The previous car was critically acclaimed for having one of the best chassis in its class, while offering the luxury that comes as standard with any Jaguar branded vehicle.

However, Jaguar have come out and stated the new XE boasts even more luxury and advanced technology. These are certainly fighting words from Jaguar, but having seen the improvements, they are certainly backing up this statement. Let's take a look to see what has changed.

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Epitome of Luxury

Jaguar have been very busy with the interior. Entering the new XE gives that real sense of occasion that only Jaguar manage to encapsulate with their executive models. The dash is covered in a swathe of various soft touch materials that have been beautifully crafted together. The switch gear also feels remarkably robust and ergonomic, which really adds to that premium sensation.

Perhaps the biggest change is the introduction of Jaguar's stunning Touch Pro Duo infotainment system that boasts a crystal clear 12.3" touch-screen. This system takes up a large portion of the central dash and allows the driver to control a variety of functions (Satellite navigation, DAB radio etc.) at the swipe of a finger.

Jaguar have also decided to carry over the high-tech multi-function steering wheel from the futuristic (and award winning) I-Pace, which is designed to make everyday functions more accessible, ultimately allowing you to focus on the road ahead. Gone is the self-rising rotary dial that has been prominent in Jaguar's for over a decade, instead you get a slick gear-selector from the F-Type.

Jaguar XE interior

Turning Heads

The Jaguar XE has always been a handsome-looking saloon thanks to its beautifully proportioned body shape and sharp features. However, Jaguar have decided to make a host of subtle changes that have combined to make a massive difference visually.

The lightweight aluminium architecture has remained throughout the XE, making it lighter and more agile as a result. The most noticeable change is the change to the front and rear bumpers, which feature sharper lines and a more purposeful design in the shape of different grilles and a very subtle rear diffuser (sports models).

New all-LED headlights with a striking ‘J’ blade daytime running light signature create a more purposeful look. The rear of the car also features all-LED tail-lights with updated signature graphics which place emphasis on the visual width of the car, giving the XE an appearance that boasts more intent.

Among a host of other smaller visual changes, Jaguar have brought out a number of new alloy wheels that have been designed to complement the uplifted appearance of the XE.

Jaguar XE exterior

The Future is Now

The new XE benefits from Jaguar's class-leading Touch Pro Duo infotainment system. This system boasts all the necessities you would expect from a car in this segment, such as satellite navigation, DAB radio and interactive driver display. However, it is the small details such as the satellite navigation's ability to learn your routes and adjust traffic information accordingly that really set the XE apart from the rest.

Briefly mentioned earlier was the steering wheel, which has come from the I-Pace. The steering wheel is clever because it features hidden-until-lit graphics and capacitive switches to provide intuitive and efficient control of the key functions.

The XE has been built to encompass the brand's commitment to providing unparalleled luxury and maximum convenience. As a result, there is a series of smart technologies throughout the interior. The car's artificial intelligence actively learns the preferences of the driver and will adjust the seat, mirror, audio and climate settings accordingly.

The cherry on top is the introduction of the ClearSight rear view mirror, an option which beams images from a rear view camera onto a screen that sits where the rear view mirror usually would.

Jaguar XE tech

Efficiency in Motion

The new XE boasts Jaguar's advanced range of Ingenium petrol and diesel engines, which have been designed to offer swift performance alongside high levels of efficiency. The 2.0-litre Ingenium petrol is available with 250PS and 300PS outputs, while the efficient 180PS Ingenium diesel delivers 430Nm of torque and fuel consumption of up to 57.6mpg.

A super slick automatic gearbox features on the XE as standard, while all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are available depending on preference. Jaguar’s advanced all-wheel drive (AWD) system and Intelligent Driveline Dynamics technology maintain the XE’s rear-wheel drive stability and agility while improving performance and traction in a variety of challenging weather conditions.

The Jaguar XE boasts an aluminium body that helps with agility and vastly reduces weight over traditional galvanised steel. However, the reduction in weight also aids with the car's overall efficiency. Paired with the Ingenium diesel engines, the XE provides approximately 25% better fuel economy than the petrol, while producing around 15% less CO2.

jaguar xe performance

Ian Callum, Jaguar Design Director, said: “XE’s uniqueness is its totality. Customers get a complete package of progressive design, innovative technology and extraordinary driving dynamics. We don’t do ordinary and new XE personifies this. My team and I get huge satisfaction out of improving a car we’re all so familiar with; we’ve lived with it, we understand its character and it’s a wonderful opportunity to make a great car even better. With new XE, we’ve done just that in every way imaginable.”

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