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Aston Martin unveiled the AM-RB 001 a few months ago, the result being the collaboration between the Red Bull Racing F1 Team and the British supercar manufacturer. It combines the racing technology from the F1 team and the elegance and prestige of James Bond’s favourite car maker.

The car will feature a unique naturally aspirated V12 mounted behind the seats, breaking with the company’s tradition of front-engine cars architecture. They promise a LMP1-like performance, suggesting that it should be faster than its competitors like the McLaren P1 or the Porsche 918. The actual technical specifications are yet to be revealed, but they promise a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio, in other words, 1 bhp per kilo of weight.

Since its presentation, the production of the AM-RB 001 was limited to 150 road cars, making it even more exclusive.

In the words of Aston Martin’s President and CEO, Dr. Andy Palmer: “By bringing together the talents of Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin, AM-RB 001 is destined to become the defining hypercar of this decade and a hugely desirable investment for collectors and enthusiasts.”

It seems that Aston Martin’s announcement of the hypercar reinvention was well received by all potential customers, as the company has just made it public that all the production has been allocated. Sorry if you were still deciding to buy one.

The first customer deliveries of the AM-RB 001 will start in early 2019, so if you are one of the lucky customers who get  to by one, be patient.

Good news that confirm the success of this collaboration, which has resulted in the recent extension of the Aston Martin – Red Bull Racing innovation partnership through 2017. Eight months and 21 Grand Prix after the announcement of their partnership in Melbourne, Australia, Aston Martin has just confirmed that Red Bull Racing Formula 1 cars will keep showing the iconic Aston Martin wings through the following season, ensuring more future achievements and car creations result of this cooperation.

[Update: 07/03/2017]: Aston Martin have recently announced the official name for the AM-RB 001: Aston Martin Valkyrie.

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Article updated: 07/03/2017