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If you're passionate about Porsches, you'll have probably heard of Magnus Walker - serial entrepreneur and owner of a highly impressive modified Porsche collection.

We are therefore incredibly excited to announce that he will be visiting our Porsche Centre Wolverhampton to promote his new book - 'Urban Outlaw - Dirt Don't Slow You Down', as part of his UK book tour. Guests will be able to meet the man himself from 2pm onwards and take part in a Q&A.

Easily recognisable by his epic beard, as well as his trademark dreadlock hairstyle - Magnus has an eccentric look about him. His uniqueness is mirrored in his collection of unique Porsches, many of which are modified in his own unique style.

Both Magnus' character and his Porsche collection have become renowned in the world of car enthusiasts and Porsche aficionados which is reflected in Magnus' huge social media following. He even stars in a computer game, as well as having his own line of Hot Wheels cars, featuring styling cues from his own collection.

But how did Magnus - a lad from Sheffield, become famous for his love of modified Porsches?

After moving to America in 1986 to find work, Magnus Walker started making custom clothing after a punk rock shop owner became interested in Magnus' customised trousers. After agreeing to make the shop owner eight pairs, Magnus turned this encounter into a hugely successful business, by buying cheap clothes and personalising them, before selling them on a stall in Venice Beach. This grew and grew, and before Magnus knew it, his clothes were being worn by famous rock stars and music personalities.

With his success from fashion, as well as success in property too, Magnus bought his first Porsche in 1992. After obtaining more Porsches and modifying them with his own unique style - very much like the clothes he produced, a film maker approached him to create a mini YouTube film called - 'Urban Outlaw' in 2012. It's fair to say, this particular film went viral and Magnus Walker became famous for his collection of bespoke Porsches, and his love for the brand.

We are therefore delighted to welcome him along to our Porsche Centre Wolverhampton, where his book will also be available for purchase on the day.

See you there!

Porsche Centre Wolverhampton