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Air Conditioning Services

Ensure your vehicle's air-conditioning is functioning as it should with a complimentary health check from one of our technicians

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Similar to other elements of your vehicle, the air-conditioning system requires regular maintenance if it is to continue providing you with cool air.

Typically, we recommend having your vehicle's air-conditioning checked every two years as a minimum, that is because the gas that is needed to keep it operating efficiently runs out over time. In addition, a check is a good opportunity to check for any leaks.

Our technicians are fully qualified to operate on your vehicle's air-conditioning system, and can complete a range of services, which you can discover below.

Available Services and Benefits

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At Stratstone, we can offer the following services:

  • Complimentary health check
  • A re-gas of your vehicle's air-conditioning system
  • Anti-bacterial clean
  • Necessary repair works

There are a number of reasons to have the air-conditioning system checked and serviced on your car:

  • It helps prevent the build-up of unwanted odours
  • It will help reduce the build-up of containments within the system
  • The vehicle's engine runs more efficiently when the air-conditioning system is well-serviced
  • The climate control has a bearing on driver fatigue and awareness, so a serviced system is safer in theory

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Whether it is a simple health check, or you need your vehicle's air-conditioning performing at its best ahead of the warm summer ahead, your nearest Stratstone retailer will have you covered.

If you have any queries regarding our available services, then contact any of our retailers, who will be more than happy to assist you.