Formula 1 Cars: Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia

26th Sep 2018

Formula 1

Formula 1 has changed significantly over the years, remaining hugely popular throughout its existence. New technology has of course made the motorsport a lot safer, but the saying goes you don't know what you've got until its gone and the sight and sound of an old F1 car is something special.

We take a look at some of our favourite classic F1 cars from the incredible F1 Through The ages celebration at this year's Shelsley Walsh Classic Nostalgia Event. The list is in a chronological order.

1962 Lotus-BRM 24

Similar in appearance to the Cooper T53 of F1 legend Sir Stirling Moss, the Lotus-BRM 24 is ultra-sleek and sits much lower to the ground, than that of the F1 cars from previous generations. No surprise really as aerodynamics had come a long way since the '20s, '30s, '40s and '50s. Perhaps the most noticeable difference was that of the iconic and famous Lotus colours adorned on this particular F1 car. There is no mistaking green and yellow for anything other than a Lotus racing car after all.

Green 1962 Lotus-BRM 24 at Shelsley Walsh.

1989 Camel Lotus Type 10

Another iconic livery on an F1 car. The Lotus Type 10 didn't feature the familiar green and yellow Lotus colours of the '60s, but it was bright yellow in accordance with the iconic Camel tobacco sponsor - who's branding featured yellow cigarette packets. Tobacco sponsorship has produced some legendary liveries over the years, due to it being a lucrative source of income for the F1 teams. What makes it more iconic is of course the decision to ban tobacco sponsorship in F1 in 2006. It was some sight watching it head up the Shelsley Walsh hill at Classic Nostalgia.

Yellow 1989 Camel Lotus Type 10.

1992 Williams FW14B

Designed by legendary F1 engineer Adrian Newey - who now is chief technical officer for Red Bull Racing, the Williams FW14B is perhaps one of the most recognisable F1 cars ever, thanks to famous world champion drivers such as Nigel Mansell and an orchestral V10 Renault engine. It was incredibly successful too winning the 1992 championship (under Mansell) and the constructor's championship too. So much so that its replacement (FW15) was never used. It also featured an iconic livery mixing a number of recognised brands including Canon, Labatts and the already mentioned Camel tobacco sponsor.

1992 Williams FW14B at Shelsley Walsh..

2017 Williams FW40

Designed by Williams, the FW40 name is a nod to the team's 40th year anniversary of the Williams F1 team. Driven only last year, the FW40 is one of the most state-of-the-art Formula 1 cars ever made. Made from a monocoque construction comprising of carbon, it is extremely lightweight as well as being super strong to comply with FIA regulations. It looks the part too, thanks to the iconic Martini livery, which can be seen on many legendary racing cars throughout history. Driven by F1 legend Felipe Massa, the Williams FW40 is the last F1 car that Massa drove in his career. Incidentally, it was his team mate Lance Stroll who made the FW40 the first F1 car he raced in F1, taking a 3rd place finish at the 2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. An unbelievable achievement for his rookie season in F1. It was a treat to see the car at Shelsley Walsh.

White 2017 Williams FW40 at Shelsley Walsh.