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New BMW XM Features

The XM was created as part of the BMW M 50th anniversary. Just like the very first M car - the BMW M1 supercar, the BMW XM is a bespoke M car that was made from the ground up, rather than based on a BMW production car.

It also happens to the first BMW M car with electric input due to its plug-in hybrid engine.

The XM takes the textbook driver-focused feel BMW M cars are known for and presents in this ultra-luxurious and practical SUV package.

Engines and Performance

BMW XM Label Red

Being a bespoke BMW M car, performance offered by the XM is incredible, as you would expect.

It is the first BMW M car to feature plug-in hybrid technology, therefore you get a 4.4-litre V8 engine boosted by a electric motor, for a total power output of 644bhp.

This means that, despite its vast size, 0 to 62mph is dealt with in just in 4.3 seconds. And with the plug-in hybrid engine, the XM can drive up to 55 miles in a pure electric mode - a first for any M car.

There is also a Label Red version which is limited to just 500 units. Power is increased to a blistering 738bhp making it the most powerful BMW M model ever made with 0 to 62mph taking just 3.8 seconds.


Chassis and Handling


Being a BMW M car, the XM is uncannily good when it comes to handling, despite being a large SUV.

Trick suspension with electronically controlled damping means you can adjust the ride and therefore how the XM handles by the drive mode you select.

Of course, the XM may not be as agile as some BMW M cars, but considering the size and SUV body, the XM goes above and beyond in what to expect from an SUV.

The ride, handling and chassis can be further explored via the XM's drive modes which are expressed in more detail below.

Technology and Drive Modes


Being a dedicated BMW M car, there are plenty of modes to explore which change the car's characteristics, and can be tailored to your mood depending on what type of journey you find yourself on.

'Hybrid' is the XM's default mode which uses the V8 engine and electric motor in tandem automatically. Then comes 'Comfort' mode which favours the eletric motor. This is followed by the 'Sport' and 'Sport Plus' modes which are commonly found in other BMW M cars. These modes mean the V8 engine is permanently used, complemented by the electric motor for maximum power.

The interior is dominated by a technology feast, including a widescreen digital instrument cluster (BMW Live Cockpit Professional) and infotainment screen which enables users to browse the complete showcase of technology on offer. Ambient lighting, M Lounge and Harman Kardon Surround Sound only add to the overall experience.



The M HYBRID system of the BMW XM can enable charging of up to 7.4kW.

This means to replenish the electric motor, the battery can be charged from zero to full in just over 4 hours.

This means the XM can pull away silently when charged, ideal for cities and small spaces.

XM Models


Key features:

  • 23-inch light alloy wheels
  • Iconic Glow illuminated kidney grille
  • Exclusive Night Gold accents 
  • Dual lasered BMW logos on either side of rear window - referencing the last 'M only' BMW M1
  • Illuminated headliner 
  • M Lounge 
  • Exclusive vintage leather 
  • Adaptive M suspension 
  • M Sport differential


XM Label Red

Key features in addition/replacement to XM:

  • 22-inch Double spoke alloy wheels
  • Power increased to 738bhp
  • Individual paint finishes 

BMW XM Label Red Trim

XM Label Red Edition

Key features in addition/replacement to Label Red :

  • 23-inch light alloy wheels
  • Limited to 500 vehicles in Frozen Carbon Black special paint finish 
  • Exclusive Toronto Red accents 
  • 1 of 500 lettering in centre console 

BMW XM Label Red

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