Amazing Turnout for Porsche Sportscar Together Day

11th Jun 2018

porsche 70th anniversary
On Saturday, June 9th, we were joined by hundreds of Porsche sportscars and thousands of car enthusiasts to celebrate 70 years of Porsche in magnificent style, on what was named Sportscar Together Day.

Cholmondeley Castle, a former venue of both Carfest and Pageant of Power, provided a stunning backdrop for the event. Situated in beautiful Cheshire, the castle gardens were the perfect place to display over 300 parade Porsche sportscars as well as 200 more in the Porsche-only car park.

Early Arrivals

The first guests to arrive were proudly stood beside two extremely rare vintage Porsche models, but not the ones you might expect. Even hardened Porsche enthusiasts would be excused for being unaware that between 1952 and 1963, Porsche manufactured agricultural vehicles.

During this time, the two red Porsche-Diesel Junior tractors on display at Sportscar Together Day were built, and they are still loyally serving their owners in Shropshire today.

After the two tractors - who only had two cylinders to fire up between them - had manoeuvred themselves into position, Porsche enthusiasts from all over the UK began to descend upon Cholmondeley.

The steady trickle of arrivals after 10am soon turned into a flood. From 11am, the Porsche Centre parades started to arrive, taking their positions in front of the glistening lake, next to the giant lettering that spelled out P-O-R-S-C-H-E-7-0.

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porsche 968 sport porsche 356 speedster porsche 911 porsche 911 exclusive series porsche 911 gt2 rs porsche 911 gt3 rs porsche 911 targa porsche 914 porsche 964 carrera 4 porsche 993 carrera rs porsche 996 cup car porsche boxster porsche macan s

Porsche Centre Bolton

Porsche Centre Bolton had gone all out with extreme performance cars for their parade. To have such an unbelievable trio in the shape of a 993 GT2, a 996 GT2 and a 991 GT2 RS in the parade was quite a spectacle - all three represent the very pinnacle 911 from different eras. It'll be a while before those three models are in the same place at the same time again.

A special mention must go to the 918 Spyder - this 887bhp hybrid hypercar is one of only 918 production cars ever made, so it was fantastic to have one at the event.

Also coming from the Porsche Centre Bolton parade was the unmistakable sound of a V10 - that's right, a white Carerra GT in the same parade as the 918 Spyder. What a sight, what a sound.

They had plenty of classics too, with a 924 Le Mans edition lining up next to a Carerra Sport, two Targas and even a 1959 356 - the car that started the Porsche sportscar story.

Porsche Centre Wolverhampton

First to arrive was Porsche Centre Wolverhampton, who had classics such as a 928 S4, a Targa Supersport and a 964 Carrera 4, as well as the Ghost Outlaw Car, a 911 Carrera Cab. More modern metal included the very latest Panamera and 911 Carrera T, as well as a Boxster S 550 Spyder Anniversary.

As well as the above, there was a fantastic mix of 911, Boxster and Cayman models in a variety of eye-catching colours.

Porsche Centre Nottingham

Several examples of both the fabled GT3 and GT3 RS models were part of the Porsche Centre Nottingham parade - which made for great viewing as these cars tend to be specified in exciting colour choices, and these examples were no different. The range of colours was further enhanced by a yellow/black GT2 RS, aptly nicknamed 'The Wasp'.

The rest of the Nottingham parade was made up of a blend of special-edition 911, Cayman and Boxster models as well as a couple of Macan and Cayenne models, further showcasing the expanding appeal of the Porsche model range.

Porsche cars of a bygone era were well represented by a beautiful 911 SC Special Order Targa.

Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfield

Two of Porsche's brightest colour choices - Speed Yellow and Pastel Orange - were both on display in the parade from Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfield; another Centre that had managed to secure a 2018 GT2 RS for their line-up.

It was a turbo feast too, with many examples of the 996, 997, 993 and even the 930 Turbo making their way to Cholmondeley for the gathering.

Classics departing from Porsche Centre Sutton Coldfield included a lovely 924 S, several 964 models and a well-kept 944.

Porsche Centre Wilmslow

Guards red, Miami Blue, Speed Yellow, Crystal Green and Lava Orange were just some of the glorious colour choices lighting up the parade from Porsche Centre Wilmslow.

The cars themselves weren't bad either. Let's start with the incredibly rare, beautiful and sought-after 993 Carrera RS, an eye-popping sight in Riviera Blue.

RS variants were plentiful within the Porsche Centre Wilmslow Parade by a 2.7 RS, a 997.2 GT3 RS, and a pair of 991 GT3 RS'.

The 2018 Golden Yellow Turbo Exclusive Series was another highlight.

porsche 70th anniversary

Bringing Enthusiasts Together

Sportscar Together Day was about celebrating the passion people have for Porsche cars, as well as bringing together enthusiasts from around the country to enjoy the spectacle of so many iconic sportscars at a picturesque location.

Stratstone would like to thank everyone who attended on the day, and for the hundreds of Porsche owners who made the effort to drive up to Cholmondeley and make the day so special for everyone.