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It's August already, and another Car Café Nottingham meet has been and gone. It was very much business as usual for Car Café with an eclectic mix of cars from yesteryear, all the way up to the latest supercars, and everything in-between joining the August meet. Without further ado, discover some of the standout cars from the meet below.

Supercar Shutdown

911 Ferrari More Photos

Supercars will undoubtably always attract attention. Especially when they are the very latest examples from the most iconic manufacturers in the business, such as; Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche. Step forward the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Porsche may well refer to the latest 911 GT2 RS as a super sports car, but with 700hp and 62mph dealt with in 2.8 seconds, whatever you regard the GT2 RS as, we can all agree it's quite the machine, capable of embarrassing most supercars, and even the odd hypercar.

An example of latest Porsche 911 GT2 RS a.k.a. 'The Wasp' was always going to attract attention thanks to bright yellow and contrasting black paintwork. Parked alongside a striking McLaren 720S begged the question of the morning- which one would you have on your drive?

At the end of the meet, those who stayed around long enough witnessed a Lamborghini Huracan Performante join the mix, and which prompted a mini photoshoot, to the delight of the avid supercar spotters amongst the enthusiasts who attended.

Another McLaren 720S was also on display, parked alongside a classic Ford Mustang - an American icon itself. A bright orange Lamborghini Aventador was also seen hiding in the corner too, finished in a typical bright orange paintjob. If you're going to buy a Lamborghini, it has to be a lairy colour, doesn't it?

Love Your Elders

Cayman & Mexico More Photos

Supercars are great, but we love seeing immaculate examples of classic cars at Car Café, along with modern classics. There is something about a classic parked next to a modern sports or supercar isn't there?

It also provides a unique photo opportunity, showing just how much car design and style has changed over the years. A favourite of ours was a stunning baby blue Ford Mk1 Escort Mexico. As it was parked next to a bright yellow Porsche Cayman GTS, both colours popped. In one picture, we see the beauty of being a car enthusiast alongside the beauty of Car Café.

Mention the word 'Cossie' and you're bound to envisage a fast Ford with an enormous spoiler. Step forward the Ford Escort Cosworth. An automotive icon finished in the iconic Ford Imperial Blue. It's a shame that cars like this will never be replicated for many reasons. It's a real treat seeing one in such immaculate condition.

'You could eat your dinner off that' - a common comment to a classic MINI owner who's utterly immaculate MINI was probably cleaner than it was when it had left the factory. Another icon that will continue to be adored throughout the world and will also turn heads just as much as a supercar.

Nissan Z cars have always looked great. Despite being launched in 2003 the 350Z still looks modern. However, it's the 350Z's Grandfather that put 'Nissan' Z cars on the map. The Datsun 240Z is a looker now, so imagine what people thought in the seventies, which was when it was introduced to the world.

Speaking of Nissans, a very special, very rare, Nissan Skyline also joined the meet. Thought to be the only one in the UK, and one of 44 worldwide, the Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R Nismo 400R is a unicorn of the car world. Seeing such an incredible vehicle at Car Café was a really special.

Not Forgetting

'Tow Mater' More Photos

It would be impossible to write about all the cool cars at this month's meet. Take a look at our photos and see if you can spot any of your personal favourites.

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