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Car Cafe has never ventured north of the border. First firing up in Nottingham, it has since branched out to (amongst others) London, Wilmslow, Manchester, Cardiff and now, Glasgow! Held on 23rd June at Mercedes-Benz of Glasgow, the first Car Cafe Glasgow was exactly what we had hoped for. We brought together a real mix of rare and interesting cars, that may otherwise be sat in the garage on a Saturday morning - Car Cafe is usually held between 8:30am-10:30am, no matter the venue.

Super City, Super Cars

Ferrari 575 maranello More Photos

Standout supercars from the first Car Cafe in Scotland included an absolutely stunning 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago V12. Finished in pristine white paint with contrasting dark grey alloys, it was pretty successful in its obvious attempt to steal the show. Another early-2000s V12 supercar, a gorgeous 2003 Ferrari 575M Maranello, also gained admiring glances as it entered the car park at Mercedes-Benz Glasgow.

A second showstopper from 2003, this time with a Twin-Turbo V6, was the silver Noble M12 GTO - a track-focused rocketship with no ABS, no traction control and no ESP - you're on your own with the M12. More mid-2000s exotica came in the form of a Ferrari F430 Spider.

Mercedes-Benz Magic

Merrcedes c63 More Photos
As the event was held at Mercedes-Benz of Glasgow, it's only right that we dedicate a paragraph to the Bavarian brand. Perhaps top of the pops on this occasion was the 2015 Mercedes-AMG GT R, which was accompanied by a subtly finished Mercedes-AMG GT. A 604 bhp E63 S took the super-saloon crown and paired with a stunning C 63 S cabriolet, this pair of V8 powerhouses made a fair amount of... noise. The AMG line-up was completed by a G63, C63 Saloon and of course the A45 and G45 hatchbacks. A humble white SLK 230 Kompressor from 1997 gets a mention for its lovely condition.

Classic & Enthusiast Cars

Nissan GT-R More Photos

Of all the classic cars on show, the most eye-catching would likely be the phenomenal 1979 Firebird Trans-Am, a car famous for its iconic shape, V8 engine and firebird design on the 'hood'. Other classics on show included a lovely 1990 E30 BMW M3 and a rarely-seen 1977 Opel Manta 1900 Coupe.

A highly modified 1996 Toyota Supra, a 2001 996 911 Carrera and a whole manner of BMW M cars, including a marvellous black M2 and a yellow M3 saloon, and it's always nice to play host to a Nissan GT-R or two. There's always a strong hot-hatch contingent at Car Cafe, and Glasgow did not disappoint with a 2017 JCW MINI, a hugely rare 2008 RenaultSport Megane 230 F1 R26 and both Mk1 and Mk2 two Ford Focus RS' all turning out for a free coffee and a chat with like-minded enthusiasts.

Join us for the next Car Cafe on 7th July in Nottingham.

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