Classic British Weather for June Classic Car Cafe

04th Jun 2018

Rain Doesn't Stop Play

This month's Car Café was a Classic Car special, with special priority parking for classic cars. Half way through the year, it was a fair assumption to expect sunshine. This was the reason for the Classic Car special. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas.

Usually, Car Café Nottingham fills up with exciting cars before the official start time of 8:30am. Saturday morning was a different story with a fair few cars already in place, but nowhere near as much as previous meets thanks to the weather's best efforts to put a dampener on proceedings.

It didn't stop a decent number of cars braving the weather though, including this incredible classic Chevrolet Impala.
chevrolet impala

Classic Fords Out in Force

Classic cars are normally mollycoddled, and rightly so. They're nowhere near as convenient (and reliable) as modern-day vehicles, and it's great to see the icons of yesteryear being looked after properly.

However, there is something cool about seeing classic cars being used in poor weather and on a daily basis. After all, classics were once daily drivers after all. When it comes to classic Fords though, their owners are never going to be put off by a bit of rain.

Classic Fords, especially the RS variety have a no-nonsense aura about them. Therefore, it was great to see such a strong turnout from the cars proudly sporting the famous blue oval. Classic Car Café was joined by a selection of Mk1 and Mk2 RS Escorts, finished in some eye-catching shades of yellow and orange, along with the more traditional white paint finish - complete with Cibie rally lights for the full classic RS Escort look.

These superb classic Escorts were joined by a selection of classic Ford Capris and along with the more modern classic Escort and Sierra Cosworth, instantly recognisable by their whale tail spoilers. A mint example of the Fiesta RS Turbo also looked great alongside it's older relatives, sitting pretty on OZ racing wheels.

ford cars at nottingham car cafe

Supercar Collection

It's always nice to see some exotica at the Car Café meets. Especially when it involves Ferraris and McLarens. The strong supercar line-up involved a bright orange McLaren 570S sandwiched by a trio of Ferraris. A shade of classic Ferrari red could be seen upon a smart F430, along with the latest 488. These were joined by a sinister looking Ferrari F12.

Supercars or super sports cars. Whatever you want to call Porsches, a number of prime examples were on display at Car Café. A stunning silver 911 (991.1) GT3 RS looked moody in the rain.

In colour contrast, a viper green example of the 911 (997) RS looked incredible, joined by a Guards red 911 (997) Turbo - two incredibly high performance 911s from a previous generation - again cars famous for use in all weather.
supercar at nottingham car cafe

Hot Hatch Heaven

The humble hot hatch does it all, come rain or shine. Therefore, it was unsurprising to see a number of these popular cars at the Car Café meet. Ford RS and ST models in bold colours such as Nitrous Blue and Alien Green were joined by Renault Sport models, again in bold colours such as the ever-popular Liquid Yellow.

Classic Minis and new MINIS were also proudly on display. It's always nice to see a classic Mini, especially braving the poor weather. The more modern JCW and JCW GPs looked great all lined up, too.

Hot hatch or warm hatch, the ever-popular Abarth 500/595/695 was represented well by the Abarth owners club. These pocket hatches have a huge following and with such a variation in style, it was easy to see why.

Like every Car Café, we are looking forward to seeing what the next event in July will bring, and hopefully the sunshine will make a return, too.
mini car club nottingham