Ferrari F12tdf: Mr JWW Achieves Ferrari Dream

02nd Jul 2018


At Stratstone, we are fortunate enough to meet a variety of passionate and interesting clients. One you may be familiar with, who likes to share his automotive life via YouTube is James - aka Mr JWW.

Having purchased a number of incredible vehicles from Stratstone before, James' latest acquisition is incredibly special and one he has always wanted, after becoming smitten with one at our Ferrari 70th celebrations. This can be seen in previous YouTube video he uploaded back in August 2017.
ferrari f12tdf

Ferrari F12tdf

Unveiled in late 2015, the Ferrari F12tdf was the pinnacle Ferrari F12 model. A state-of-the-art track-focused masterpiece with a name taken from auto racing itself. That's because tdf stands for Tour de France, which is reference to an endurance road race which Ferrari dominated. The F12tdf quickly sold out despite customers having to meet certain Ferrari criteria just to qualify to purchase such a car. The value of the Ferrari F12tdf has also increased, due to the rarity and exclusivity.

You only have to glance your eyes at the exterior of the tdf to take note of the not-so-subtle styling, which of course is there to improve the tdf's aerodynamic performance. But you know its not just done for the sake of it, each detail is to make this car as fast as possible.
mr jww ferrari f12tdf
Altogether the Ferrari F12tdf is a lighter, faster, more powerful example of the standard F12 - a car which isn't exactly lacking in power. However, instead of the 730bhp you get in the standard Ferrari F12, the tdf comes enhanced with 769bhp from its glorious 6.3-litre front mid-engine V12. It's been on a diet too, shedding weight thanks to the use of carbon fibre on the body and interior, which are joined by titanium parts such as the wheel bolts, and on this particular car - the fuel cap too. This saves an impressive 110kg in total. Cool technology is utilised for the interior also, as the floor mats and boot lining are made from a bulletproof technical fabric, made in conjunction with NASA.

We are delighted to have been able to supply this incredible car, which is a limited edition of just 799 examples worldwide. We look forward to seeing more of James' videos with the car in due course.