Introducing the New Aston Martin DB11 AMR Flagship

01st Jun 2018

2018 Aston Martin DB11 AMR

A new wave of performance. Introducing the flagship Aston Martin DB11 AMR. Inspired by the success of Aston Martin Racing, the DB11 AMR brings race-inspired dynamism and enhanced performance to the DB11 family.

Following on the previous-generation Vantage AMR and AMR Pro, the DB11 AMR will be followed by a number of other AMR Aston Martin models - pushing the envelope in performance for models within the Aston Martin range.


Starting with what the DB11 AMR is all about; performance. At the heart of the DB11 AMR is an unmistakably evocative 5.2-litre, twin-turbocharged V12 engine, which has been fettled by the AMR department to produced 630bhp, 30bhp than a standard V12 DB11 and 127bhp more than the V8 DB11.

This extra power now means the DB11 AMR can hit 62mph in just 3.7 seconds, as appose to 3.9 seconds in the outgoing model. The DB11 AMR will also go on to achieve a top speed of 208mph - meaning it now sits as the fastest model in Aston Martin's series production range.

And not forgetting Aston Martin's quest for superb ride comfort, the DB11 AMR's chassis has been refined to deliver the perfect balance between excitement and refinement. Therefore, the AMR brings with it a superior sense of connection to the road, without harming the supple ride Aston Martin is famed for. A more vocal exhaust note has also bean utilised to give the AMR more character when engaging Sport mode, too. 

aston martn db11 amr flagship


For a pure performance sports car, Aston Martin have given the exterior of the DB11 AMR some key differences, to gently inform onlookers of this cars racing DNA. Therefore, the AMR is distinguishable by its exposed carbon fibre and gloss black detailing that continues throughout the interior too.

Its still easily identifiable as the familiar DB11 shape, only it looks a lot more chiselled, as you would expect from a car that has been launched with the experience of Aston Martin Racing, and of course being launched at the new Nurburgring based AMR Performance Centre.

Other details which distinguish the AMR on the exterior is the fact that the brightwork has been given a monochrome treatment. This comprises of dark headlight surrounds, smoked taillamps, dark front grille, dark tailpipes, gloss black roof, along with side sills and splitter which offer a contrasting exposed weave of carbon fibre. It's all very alluring and gives the DB11 AMR a subtle yet purposeful racing look. 
new aston martn db11 amr flagship


As expected, the classy delivery of Aston Martin is presented beautifully amongst the cabin. It is still very much a premium interior, with lashings of premium leather and feeling materials, along with beautifully laid out switch gear.

The dark theme adopted for the exterior of the DB11 AMR is complemented by following suit on the interior too. Monotone leather is met with alcantara upholstery to give the perfect blend of performance-based style with the elegance, comfort and premium what Aston Martin is famed for.

To make it obvious that this is a product from the AMR model range, a bold contrasting lime stripe is also included to the interior, along with a leather sports steering wheel as part of the AMR package.
aston martn db11 amr flagship interior


As a flagship Aston Martin model, the DB11 AMR will be available in three designer specifications. This will be joined by an exclusive AMR Signature Edition which comes in a bespoke Stirling Green and lime detailing paint finish.

Extensive carbon fibre detailing on the exterior is also applied, along with being equally alluring on the interior too with Dark Knight leather, again complemented by the signature lime detailing as well as Satin Dark Chrome switchgear and Satin Carbon Fibre trim.

The AMR Signature Edition will be strictly limited to 100 units worldwide. 
aston martn db11 amr flagship wheels