Showcasing the Brand-New Ferrari Portofino

25th Aug 2017

A new V8 GT Ferrari is here, named after one of Italy’s most beautiful towns; Introducing the Ferrari Portofino.

The Ferrari Portofino offers a driving experience which will offer a perfect blend of sportiness, elegance and comfort. This is very much like the town in which the car is named after, which has become renown worldwide for its elegance, sportiness and luxury. It’s also worth highlighting the launch colour which has again been dedicated to this picturesque Italian town; Rosso Portofino.

As a successor to the Ferrari California T, the Ferrari Portofino features an all-new chassis, which is considerably lighter than that of the Ferrari California T. New components within the 3.9-litre V8 twin-turbo engine result in an increased power output of 590bhp. This means the Portofino can achieve 62mph in just 3.5 seconds, and thanks to its retractable hard top roof – it makes it the most powerful convertible to offer this feature.

Another enhancement over the outgoing California T is that the Portofino’s vehicle dynamics have been boosted further. It is the first time this type of Ferrari has adopted E-Diff3 which has been integrated with F1-Trac, meaning that mechanical grip and control has been improved, which is ideal, especially when pushing the car to its limits. It is also the first Ferrari of its kind to be fitted with electronic power steering, giving the driver much more responsive steering feel. Furthermore, to ensure that comfort is taken care of too, a magnetorheological damping system (SCM-E) has been enhanced with dual-coil technology which is used to reduce body roll and will also improve the ride when faced with uneven road surfaces. 
ferrari portofino ferrari portofino ferrari portofino interior ferrari portofino steering wheel ferrari portofino
ferrari portofino ferrari portofino ferrari portofino interior ferrari portofino steering wheel ferrari portofino

Styling is much more aggressive compared to the outgoing California T. It still follows on the coupe-convertible body style, and yet the retractable hard top enables the overall design to remain sleek and elegant, yet still holds onto its sporting character. Aggressive yet subtle aerodynamics are implemented throughout the body style, including various air intakes and vents. The Portofino tail lights have been spaced further apart giving a sportier stance, as well as the use of a quadruple exhaust tailpipes for a more aggressive finish to the rear of the Portofino.

The interior receives a new steering wheel design, 18-way electrically adjustable seats with clever new backrest design, which enables passengers in the rear to benefit from increased legroom. A new infotainment system with a 10.2” touchscreen display is used, along with a brand-new air-conditioning system which can improve comfort for driver and passengers no matter if the retractable roof is up or down.

The Ferrari Portofino will make its global debut at the world renown Frankfurt International Motor Show this September.