Stratstone BMW Partners with Rugby League Cares

05th Oct 2017

Stratstone BMW Leeds are now a trusted partner of Rugby League Cares (RLC) - a new charity dedicated to supporting the Rugby League family and its local communities. RLC is a charity that strives to provide assistance to 1 million people, helping them lead a more positive and healthy life through the delivery of high quality sports, educational and health based activities.

Stratstone BMW are now featured amongst other well-known brands such as Barclays Premier Banking, All Sport Insurance, AFEX and Purple Travel, all of which are also members of the RL Cares Business Club. The RL Cares Business Club's partners are all committed to providing players with class-leading advice and service, which corporate partnerships play a crucial part in the continued delivery of the care and support services provided by the charity.

The partnership between Stratstone Leeds BMW and Rugby League Cares will be creative and constructive, consequently working towards the charity's mission of enhancing and enriching people's lives through the power and positive influence of Rugby League.
bmw leeds partners with rugby league cares
The partnership involved the handover of 2 brand-new models; a BMW 1 Series and 3 Series, to RLC, both of which will display the charity's logo as well as promote the Stratstone brand - allowing both organisations to work together and improve each other's effectiveness as a result of the collaboration.

The Official Vehicle Handover took place on Wednesday 17th January at 1pm at Stratstone BMW, where Rugby League Cares received their brand-new partnership vehicles.

The Head of Rugby League Cares, Chris Rostron, was amongst the attendees at the Vehicle Handover along with a selection of Player Welfare Managers and players, who were greeted by Daniel Shores, the Head of Business at Leeds BMW and Charles Shaw, Sales Leader at Leeds BMW.

The vehicles will be used by The Rugby League Cares Managers at all relevant opportunities and engagements which will take place across the country as the Charity supports the whole of the UK, promoting both the charity and Stratstone BMW accordingly.
rugby league cares
As a result of the collaboration of both organisations, Stratstone BMW Leeds will be the trusted motor supplier partner of the charity, offering players a dedicated and personalised service when contemplating or committing themselves to the purchase of a BMW. This high level of service will continue after the purchase and with all aspects of ownership.