The Greatest BMW M4 yet? Introducing the M4 CS

15th Aug 2017

What’s different about the M4 CS?

Essentially the BMW M4 CS is a more performance orientated version of the already excellent M4 – as if that wasn’t hardcore enough? It’s over 30kg lighter than the BMW M4 Competition Pack thanks to various weight saving initiatives. These include a carbonfibre-reinforced plastic bonnet which is 25% lighter than a standard M4, along with a front splitter and rear spoiler using the same material. Inside, the M4 CS uses door cards which again weigh considerably less than those in a standard M4.

Elsewhere, the exhaust used on the CS is the same as the ‘Competition Pack’ M4, albeit with less sound deadening and a higher redline of 7600rpm – which gives a much rawer sound to the M4 CS. It doesn’t sound as aggressive as the M4 GTS but this is to be expected, as the CS is a much more useable machine on a daily basis. Incidentally, the M4 CS will sit above the standard BMW M4 and M4 competition pack, yet below the DTM and GTS M4.

How fast is the M4 CS?

In addition to the weight saving, BMW have found another 10hp by altering the M4 CS’ ECU meaning it now develops 460hp and also benefits from 10% more torque. With the seven-speed M DCT twin-clutch gearbox the only transmission option, the M4 CS will sprint to 60mph in just 3.9 seconds, where as the standard M4 hits 60mph in either 4 or 4.2 seconds depending on transmission.
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bmw m4 cs new bmw m4 cs bmw m4 cs interior bmw m4 cs bmw m4 cs seats new bmw m4 cs

Anything else I should know about?

Inside with the CS logo evident in the dash, along with lashings of leather and alcantara everywhere you look. Weight saving is again evident throughout the interior; however not to the point where it feels like a full-blown racing car.

Premium lightweight M sport seats finished in leather, joined by weight-optimised centre console which is said to be around 30% lighter than that of the standard M4 all ensure the M4 CS is as lean as possible. The race-car like door pulls ensure more weight is saved, yet in typical BMW fashion the build quality is still superb.

All this weight saving and the boost in power has meant that the BMW M4 lapped the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife in just 7 minutes and 38 seconds, which is around 14 seconds quicker than a standard M4. 

BMW have also created two exclusive colours, especially for the M4 CS. These are San Marino Blue Metallic and Lime Rock Grey Metallic – both look incredible!