Wilmslow Car Cafe a Supercar Success!

21st May 2018

Supercar Summer

Sunshine and supercars. The pair go hand in hand perfectly, and supercar owners need no excuse to show off their pride and joy when the sun is shining.

Our most recent Car Café, which hosted at the Stratstone Aston Martin Wilmslow service centre offered a fine setting, where attendees were guaranteed to see some of the latest Aston Martin vehicles - a perk of the location.

In addition to impressive Aston Martin models, guests also had the opportunity to get up close and personal with other high-end supercars and performance cars, all of which perfectly complemented the luxurious Cheshire location.

Strong Turnout

Fine weather will always bring out the supercars and also the classics. Over 120 exciting cars made the Wilmslow Car Café car meet with many of the world's most renowned brands represented; including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, McLaren, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

ferrair 458

Lamborghini Duo

The highlight of the meet was a pair of Lamborghinis. Unlike the lairy stand-out colours usually associated with this legendary supercar manufacturer, this pair was presented in subtle shades of blue, which suited the stunning lines perfectly.

The duo consisted of a stunning Blue Nethuns Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster and a Blu Vathys Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Both models are equally as impressive.

Individually, the pair of Lambos feature naturally aspirated powerplants with the Aventador sporting a symphonic V12 engine, whilst the Huracan uses a slightly smaller V10 engine. Both make a terrific noise and certainly wowed the Wilmslow Car Café attendees.

lamborghini aventador

Supercar Central

Ferrari and McLaren enthusiasts were also well catered for at Saturday's meet. For full-on and unrivalled supercar drama, the brighter the colour the more likely the crowd, and this was just the case with the bright orange McLaren 720S.

With its twin-hinged dihedral doors open, this particular McLaren stuns onlookers in seconds. Even with its doors in place, its also equally as impressive and is an epic addition to the ever-expanding McLaren range.

And let's not forget, you can't have a supercar meet with mentioning the prancing horse of Ferrari. Naturally with the weather, a Rosso Red Ferrari 458 Spider fitted in with the supercar elite just fine.

wilmslow car cafe

Performance Icons

Nissan GT-Rs are always well received at a Car Café car meet, and visitors to the meet were welcomed by the standard version, capable of embarrassing supercars, along with the range-topping GT-R Nismo version also on display.

We cannot wait for the next Car Café meet! Just seeing what turns up is always a treat, and if the weather stays sunny, you can always guarantee a special turnout!

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nissan gt-r aston martin and porsche