smart Diesel Changeover Bonus 2017

15th SEP 2017

We are offering up to £3,000* off towards a new smart car when you trade-in your EU1 - EU4 diesel car by the 31st December 2017.

The bonus is available regardless of your existing car brand and is valid against the purchase of a new smart car.

So, what does Euro 1 - Euro 4 mean?

The EU-wide standard emissions regulations started in 1992 with Euro 1, and since then there has been a series of Euro emission standards passed from 1-6. The current standard is Euro 6, introduced in September 2014, which was established to manufacture the cleanest vehicles ever - mostly electric.

There is quite a difference between petrol and diesel cars, as diesel produces more particular matter (soot). As reported by the EU, vehicles have a considerable contribution to the quality of air in Europe. By going electric, we can assure that these harmful emissions are reduced dramatically, cleaning the air and keeping us safe.

If you have a diesel car made between 1992 and 2010, it may meet the Euro 1-4 standards and could be eligible for a trade-in bonus.

The table below show the date in which the new Euro standards came into effect, check when your car was registered and see if it falls into the bracket of EURO1-4:

 Emissions standard Applied to new passenger car approvals from Applied to all new registrations from
 Euro 1 01-JUL-92 31-DEC-92
 Euro 2 01-JAN-96 01-JAN-97
 Euro 3 01-JAN-00 01-JAN-01
 Euro 4 01-JAN-05 01-JAN-06
 Euro 5 01-SEP-09 01-JAN-11
 Euro 6 01-SEP-14 01-SEP-15

Check your cars documentation and your car's model and date of first registration online with the Vehicle Certification Agency in order to find out if is eligible for the trade-in.

Alternatively, you can speak to one of our Stratstone smart dealers.