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Introducing the Aston Martin DBX707

Aston Martin DBX707 Dynamic Driving

This is it, the new Aston Martin DBX707. Replacing the first-generation DBX, the new DBX707 is now the sole model and powertrain choice in the range.

Building on Aston Martin's decision to create an SUV, the new DBX707 is quite simply the supercar of SUVs, with the added benefit of luxury and refinement you would expect from an Aston Martin.

There of course is the added bonus of enhanced practicality due to its SUV nature, only with added breathtaking supercar performance, too.

Design and Practicality

Aston Martin DBX707 Dynamic

An exterior that looks to crave attention, with the statuesque style and design DNA that is unmistakably Aston Martin.

A dramatic, double-vaned front grille helps the DBX707 declare its presence, with is complemented by other dynamic details, such as the gloss black front splitter and complementing sides sills to deepen the DBX707's profile tighter to the ground.

The DBX707's quad exhausts, extended rear spoiler and rear diffused with aero-vortex blades ensure onlookers are presented with style that indicates this SUV's serious performance capabilities.

Similar to their sports cars, Aston Martin has utilised bonded aluminium during the creation of the DBX707, which helps to reduce weight and increase the stiffness of the construction. It is transparently clear that Aston Martin have perfectly combined sporting dynamics with premium refinement.

Speaking of storage, the DBX707 is equipped with a 638-litre boot, which is notably bigger than most rivals within this segment.

Interior and Technology

Aston Martin DBX707 Dynamic

Integrated seamlessly within the beautifully sculpted dashboard lies the new infotainment touchscreen, which, despite its size, does not interrupt the tasteful flow of the interior design. The infotainment system itself offers beautifully presented menus that provide effortless and intuitive navigation between features and settings.

Innovative technology can be found within the DBX's chassis, too. Triple Chamber Air suspension allows the DBX707 to alter its character in various modes to make it feel as sharp or as comfortable as your journey dictates.

Even when provoked attacking corners or indeed hairpins, the DBX707 only rolls 0.7 degrees, which is less than a sports car, defying the SUV rulebook, and keeping the DBX707 composed and confident, allowing you to enjoy its incredible performance in the upmost safety.

Engines and Performance

Aston Martin DBX707 Dynamic Driving

Under the bonnet lies a characterful 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine.

The headline figures are 697bhp and 663lb ft, which translate to a 0 to 62mph time of just 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 193mph. Considering the DBX weighs a not unsubstantial 3,020kg, those are staggering performance figures.

Continuing the theme of blending sports car dynamics and premium refinement, the active exhaust system has been carefully engineered to sound sophisticated one moment, and breathtaking the next.

Power is transmitted to each wheel through a nine-speed transmission, which has been programmed to offer seamless shifts regardless of the driving conditions. The responsive paddle shifters behind the wheel offer a more involving driving experience for those occasions that command manual input.

Explore the Aston Martin DBX707

It is evident that the engineering that makes other Aston Martin models so special has been beautifully incorporated into the DBX707. It was never going to be an easy task combining sports car driving dynamics with the elements that create a comfortable premium SUV, but Aston Martin has achieved it, yet again. Perhaps most impressively, they have made it look remarkably effortless.

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