3 Generations of Perfection: The Aston Martin DBS

18th Sep 2018

A British manufacturer of luxury sports cars and grand tourers, Aston Martin is a reputable brand and has produced some of the best supercars ever known. Following the release of the brand-new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, we take a look back on the impressive history and evolution of the DBS.

The DBS models have evolved and enhanced over the years, with the all-new DBS Superleggera being dubbed as the ‘return of an icon’. The classic 1969 DBS V8 existed as the World’s fastest four-seater production car, with the model ceasing production in 1972. The next DBS model wasn’t launched until 2007, boasting a mighty V12 engine and a top speed of 191mph.

Discover more about the evolution of the DBS below.

Aston Martin DBS (1967–72)

The classic Aston Martin DBS was launched in the late ‘60s and produced for six years before being resurrected in 2007. The grand tourer was powered by a 4.0-litre engine with an output of circa 280bhp and flaunted a more modern look than previous marques of Aston Martin models, incorporating a fastback style rear end and a squared off front grille. Although these exterior styling features were atypical of Aston Martin at the time, they were very much in keeping with automotive design circles of the late ‘60s. Despite stepping away from traditional exterior styling, trademark Aston Martin design features such as a bonnet scoop, side air vents and a streamline silhouette were still apparent on the original DBS.

Due to customer demand, two years after its launch the DBS was made available with a V8 engine. Existing as the DBS V8, the model produced 320bhp and had a top speed of 140mph. The DBS V8 could also hit 60mph in just 6 seconds, making it the fastest four-seater production car in the world at the time. It was available with an automatic transmission as an alternative to the ZF 5 speed manual gearbox and visual changes such as 15” GKN light alloy wheels and ventilated disk brakes were implemented too. 

Aston Martin DBS V12 (2007 – 2012)

Resurrecting the original DBS grand tourer, the Aston Martin DBS V12 was released in 2007 and was manufactured for five years and upon launch, the DBS V12 was the definitive flagship model in the Aston Martin range A truly iconic car, the Aston Martin DBS V12 was seen in the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale and is equipped with Aston Martin’s 5.0-litre AM11 V12 engine, alongside a Graziano six-speed manual as standard, or the optional ‘Touchtronic 2’ six-speed automatic transmission.

Offering an impressive ride, the DBS V12 produces a mighty 510bhp allowing the model to reach 0-62mph in just 4.3 seconds as well as a top speed of 191mph. Alongside the coupe variant, a convertible version, branded as the DBS Volante was introduced in 2009, featuring a motorised retractable fabric roof. Like the coupe variant, the DBS Volante also has a 2+2 seating configuration and the interior of both guises features a luxurious blend of carbon fibre, alcantara, leather, wood and aluminium surfaces.

DBS Superleggera (2018 - present)

The all-new super GT by is the latest DBS Aston Martin model, and although a hard challenge, it’s what the DBS Superleggera was born to do. Powered by a supercharged 5.2-litre V12 engine, the Superleggera pushes the boundaries of performance achieving 0-62mph in just 3.4 seconds.

Produced with speed as the main focus whilst perfectly blending Aston Martin beauty and looks with phenomenal power, the brand-new DBS produces 715bhp and is equipped with a new rear-mounted FZ eight-speed automatic transmission. Designed to reduce fuel consumption without affecting performance, the innovative transmission perfectly handles the blistering 664lb ft peak torque produced from the mighty V12 engine. In addition to its impressive performance, the DBS Superleggera also flaunts striking exterior features.

The avant-garde styling ensures it stands out on the road, as well as from other Aston Martin models, with a bold front grille and new headlight and tail-light design. The sleek shape of the supercar also ensures that it is aerodynamic and the F1-inspired double diffuser ensures the highest figure of downforce possible is generated. The DBS actually generates the most downforce that any series production Aston Martin has ever been capable of. 

Aston Martin DBS Timeline.