First Service: Stratstone Lightweight E-type

14th May 2018

First Service

With a Lightweight E-type Jaguar, one of only 6 in existence, the story is a little different when it comes to servicing. A car of this importance is not your everyday vehicle, and a certain degree of specialist care is needed. As a 'new' old Jaguar E-type, the story of this unique car is quite something.

When the Lightweight E-type was originally launched as an aluminium-bodied race car in 1963, Jaguar decided to build a total of 18 examples. However, only 12 were ever completed and delivered.
Jaguar Lightweight E-Type view from the front.
In late 2014, Jaguar decided it was going to complete the run after the original chassis codes lay dormant in Jaguar's archives. The 'missing six' would be built using original 1960s toolings and production methods, and period-exact dimensions and specifications for every detail. Demand was high yet here at Stratstone, we managed to acquire one.

It's not uncommon for new cars to have a 'running in service' which is done after a couple of hundred miles or so, just to make sure your brand-new car is as it should be. After one year or approximately 12,000 miles (depending on the vehicle), the first service is undertaken, comprising of an oil and filter change, and making sure the car's wheels, tyres, brakes etc. are all as they should be. However, for the Lightweight E-type, this was anything but ordinary.
Grey Lightweight E-Type rear view.
With only 288 miles on the clock, the thought of skipping the annual service may cross an owner's mind. But with a car of this stature and value, it is hugely important to make sure maintenance is kept up to date and a specialist service is carried out at the earliest opportunity by an approved specialist.

It is for this reason the car was sent to Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works - a purpose-built maintenance and restoration facility in Coventry and the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.
Jaguar Lightweight E-Type dials.

Generally, a first service will consist of the engine oil and oil filter being changed. To ensure the Lightweight E-type is in pristine condition for another year it was treated to the following:

  • Engine Oil Change
  • Transmission Oil Change
  • Final Drive Oil Change
  • Brake Fluid
  • Coolant
  • Air Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Spark Plugs
  • Aux Belt
  • Washer Fluid
  • Top ups (lubricants etc.)
Jaguar Lightweight E-Type being serviced.

The above service, although the Jag's first, is more of a major service. But with a car like this, as you would expect, no expense has been spared. The labour time for all the above comes to just over ten hours.

As well as taking care of the regular service items, after Chris Harris put the E-Type through its paces at Le Mans, it was decided the following work would also be carried out:

  • Strip down upper suspension NS & OS, fit new ball joint gaiters and heat shields
  • Remove and replace exhaust pipe (flexi)
  • Remove and replace screen washer motor
  • Remove and replace front brake discs and pads
  • Remove rear gear box brace, fit spacers and re-fit. Measure bonnet to engine clearance
  • Adjust clutch
  • Remove headlight covers and clean headlight bowls and light lenses
  • Smooth damage to OS rocker cover near bulkhead
  • Repair and re-fit window wedge lanyard
Servicing the Jaguar Lightweight E-Type.
For all the above, another ten hours labour was needed. It may seem like a lot of maintenance for a car that has driven 288 miles, but when it looks this good it's only right that we keep it in the best condition possible. Take a look at the gallery for an exclusive look into our E-Type being serviced for the very first time - with the added bonus of some other rare classics in the workshop bays alongside.