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To make sure your Jaguar is performing as it should it is important to get it serviced at the recommended regular intervals by a Jaguar Approved Service Centre.

Your Jaguar service schedule will tell you how often your car should be serviced. The latest Jaguars display a service interval message to remind you. This will appear when there is less than 2,000 miles until your car's next service.

If your Jaguar is due or a service or its annual MOT test then bring it to one of our workshops. Our Jaguar technicians are manufacturer trained and only use genuine Jaguar parts, so you can rest assured that the work we do will be to Jaguar standards. This will then protect both the warranty and the resale value of your car. Once the work is complete we will return your Jaguar completely cleaned inside and out.

Make a booking online or call our service bookings team on 0333 202 9064.

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Service and Maintenance

At Stratstone, we are here to provide any Jaguar aftersales service that you might need.

Buying a Jaguar is a special experience and at Stratstone we make sure that the continued experience of owning one is no different. We are here for you throughout your Jaguar ownership from when your car is due a service to when you just need some routine maintenance or an MOT.

Regular servicing and maintenance will ensure that your Jaguar continues to perform just as well as the day you drove it out of the showroom. Not only that but a full service history could increase the re-sale value of your Jaguar should you ever come to sell it.

All Jaguar vehicles can be serviced in a way which best suits you, from a simple vehicle check to a full service. Stratstone also provide 'While You Wait' options and we can even offer you a loan car depending on availability and your requirements. Just ask when you book your appointment at your local Stratstone Jaguar retailer.

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Why Choose a Jaguar Approved Service Centre

A Jaguar Approved Service Centre gives you the peace of mind of knowing your car will be serviced and maintained by fully qualified Jaguar technicians, exclusively using genuine parts and following Jaguar’s own detailed techniques and procedures.

Fixed Price Servicing

Stratstone are pleased to offer the Jaguar Fixed Price Servicing Programme for all Jaguars over three years old, ensuring your vehicle gets the maintenance it deserves.

Each vehicle is serviced and maintained by a fully trained Jaguar technician in a state-of-the-art workshop using Jaguar Genuine Parts that come with a two-year warranty for extra peace of mind.

Competitive pricing is guaranteed and so are the fixed prices you can find in further detail on our Stratstone Jaguar Fixed Servicing page. We believe in complete transparency from the start of your journey and throughout.


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Low Cost Service Plans

Our service plan is designed to offer you hassle free motoring and an easy way to budget for all your servicing requirements. Tailored to your individual needs, you can choose the plan that best suits you and then spread the cost of regular servicing through simple interest free monthly installments for the next two, three or four years.

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Jaguar MOT

MOTs are a legal requirement in the UK. Vehicles older than three years or over must be tested every year. For further information about MOTs please visit the VOSA website:

We know how much your Jaguar means to you, so it is important that it is assessed at a Jaguar Retailer by the trained technicians that know it best?

Our Jaguar technicians are on hand to help make the annual MOT test as simple as possible.

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Video Vehicle Health Check

Whenever you visit us we will give your Jaguar a complimentary Video Vehicle Health Check. This is to provide you with a full diagnostic of your vehicle's condition and a helpful reminder. Our commitment is that we will only fit genuine Jaguar parts in your Jaguar. We also promise that only Jaguar trained technicians will work on your car. With this knowledge you can be confident that your vehicle will always perform to its full potential.

To make sure your Jaguar runs as smoothly as the day you brought it we believe it is important that parts are inspected and changed according to your Jaguar service schedule. In between services it is important to carry out regular checks to ensure that wear and tear items are maintained and your Jaguar stays in top condition.

To ensure that key areas of your vehicle are performing as they should our Jaguar Trained Technicians are on hand to perform a complimentary Video Vehicle Health Check. Our which covers a number of important areas including:

  • Tyre tread
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Wipers
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Battery power levels
  • Screen wash

Following your Video Vehicle Health Check, your Jaguar will be returned washed and vacuumed and we will only advise on work when it has been deemed necessary.

No purchase is necessary to book a complimentary check nor is one required afterwards. It includes a full report indicating checks carried out. No additional work will be carried out without prior permission.

A colour coded rating will be given to each area of your car indicating any actions and how urgent they are. Along with a complete summary of your car's condition, you will get the added reassurance of dealing with the trained Jaguar Technicians. Your report can be interpreted using the trafficlight system laid out below.

Jaguar Drive-Through Service

Our state-of-the-art drive-through service is available at selected Jaguar retailers. Simply drive straight into our service area and be greeted by our service advisors.

You will be invited into the retailer while your Jaguar is taken to be serviced. Once the work has been completed you simply drive out.

When you make your booking please ask if the drive-thru service is available at your local Jaguar retailer.

To make a booking or if you have any questions you can phone us on 0333 202 9064 today.

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Jaguar Parts

We only use genuine Jaguar parts when we do any repair work on your vehicle. We also supply the genuine Jaguar parts listed below. Just contact your local retailer for more information.

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Jaguar Accessories

With our wide range of Jaguar accessories you can add even more individuality, style and capability to your Jaguar and stand out from the pack. Options include:

  • Exterior styling additions
  • Interior enhancements
  • Carrying and towing
  • Union Flag emblazoned Mirror covers
  • Luggage roof box
  • Alloy wheel designs
  • Child seat options

All accessories are available individually and can be fitted at any time, not just when you purchase your vehicle.

From electric winches and snowboard carriers to child seats and alloy wheels, we have got every accessory you can think of to personalise your Jaguar so you can stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at our online catalogue for full details or Contact your local Stratstone Jaguar retailer.

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