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Anyone that has had the privilege of being in the position to invest in a new car and spec it to their requirements will tell you what an exciting experience it is. However, whereas your typical everyday automotive manufacturer will simply sit you down with an online configurator and some samples to look at, Aston Martin have opted for an experience that is similar to no other with their £2.5 million Valkyrie hypercar. This experience is delivered through 'Q by Aston Martin - Commission', a VIP customisation service.

Instead, Aston Martin have decided to incorporate the use of VR (Virtual reality) so that the user can spec the car while physically walking around the car; but more details on that later.

The Journey

It is worth noting that no matter how wealthy you are, you cannot simply walk into an Aston Martin retailer and buy one on a whim. Each car is bespoke built in conjunction with the Red Bull Racing Formula One team and Cosworth. As a result of this, prospective customers have to be invited to purchase a Valkyrie.

Once the customer has been approached to invest in the world's ultimate hypercar, they will be invited to spec the vehicle at the Aston Martin Lagonda Headquarters, which are located in Gaydon, Warwick. Upon arrival the customer is met by Marek Reichman, the Design Director at Aston Martin, who will walk them through the Valkyrie's composition and what lies underneath the lightweight body.

Alongside him will be a small team of talented designers who will utilise a dedicated configurator program to help fine tune the customer's requests and desires. The designers actually encourage owners to choose any combination and specification they desire. As a result, Aston Martin do not believe any two of the 150 Valkyrie's being sold will look the same.

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Virtual Reality

As mentioned earlier, customers are not just invited down to the Aston Martin Headquarters to use a carefully designed configurator on a screen. They are given the opportunity to spec the Valkyrie through the use of Virtual Reality, where they can actively see the changes being made to the car in front of their eyes. Through the use of hand motions (using controllers), the user can change aspects of the car, such as the wheel and interior design.

The Virtual Reality also allows the user to physically climb into the cockpit of the Valkyrie and get an exciting taste of how the car would look inside once it has been customised. The customer will be able to select from a variety of exotic materials and colour combinations to complement the focused and minimalist ergonomics. Once the user has finished customising their Valkyrie, they can have a final walk around the car using the headset to ensure the customisation meets their exact demands.

The AMR Track Performance Pack

If customising a standard Aston Martin Valkyrie was not enough for the user, then they will have the ability to spec the AMR Track Performance Pack. This specialised pack has been designed in conjunction with the Red Bull Racing Formula One team to deliver lap times that are approximately 8% faster than the standard car can achieve.

As well as a new aerodynamic front clam that delivers greater downforce and efficiency, owners will also benefit from a second set of exterior body panels, ultra-lightweight titanium brakes and track-focused suspension. To top it all off, the Track Pack boasts a matte black magnesium performance wheel and carbon-fibre aero-disk set.

Aston Martin’s Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman, said: “This is simply the best car in the world if you want something bespoke and we are really pushing the boundaries to match the dreams of our customers. Every single element of this hypercar, including its performance, can be personalised. The materials are very much about science, the art of creativity and the ability to create a unique solution that doesn’t detract from this exceptional car’s performance capability”

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