Jaguar XE Packs: What are Included?

10th Feb 2022

By Daniel Hitchman

Jaguar XE Packs and Accessories

Those in the market for a mid-sized executive saloon will have no doubt considered the Jaguar XE, which has garnered a reputation for being engaging to drive and well-made throughout.

As with most new cars, there are a variety of optional extras and accessories available when using the online configurator. The XE is no exception, and is available with a variety of different packs depending on your preferences and requirements.

Below, we have highlighted the optional packs available and what they include. This information is also helpful if you are looking for an approved used Jaguar XE.

Dynamic Handling Pack

Blue Jaguar XE Reims edition, driving

Automotive publications have revered the handling dynamics offered by the XE, with numerous articles citing how impressive the agility and balance is.

The Dynamic Handling Pack builds on those foundations by adding chassis improvements, as well as stronger braking performance.

Configurable Dynamics allow the driver to alter the car's behaviour to suit their driving style. Throttle response, steering weighting and gear shift time are all characteristics that can be changed.

Adaptive Dynamics tailor the vehicle's settings to the road's surface and your driving behaviour. It will soften the car up on the motorway to help with refinement, or it can sharpen up when you decide to push on down a quiet back road.

In addition to the above, 355mm brake discs are fitted to the front whilst 325mm discs can be found on the rear. Red brake calipers complete the aesthetic.

Cold Climate Plus Pack

Jaguar XE climate control

As Brits, we are accustomed to the frosty mornings that bestow us during the winter months. Whilst we may take the cold in our stride, the Cold Climate Plus Pack means you will not need to going forward.

Cabin Pre-Conditioning will no doubt be the most appealing feature in this pack. It allows the driver to set a cabin temperature they want before getting in the car; perfect for early starters. What is more, it has an integrated 7-day timer, providing you with more flexibility.

Other features include a heated steering wheel and headlight power wash. The former is an underrated feature that will provide relief on days with a bitter chill in the air. The power wash provides extra clarity when tackling mucky roads in periods of low light.

Convenience Pack

Blue Jaguar XE boot

The Convenience Pack is filled with great features that you will not be able to live without once you have experienced them.

A powered gesture boot lid is essential if you regularly have your hands full when approaching the car. It simply requires you to wave your foot under the rear bumper for the boot lid to open.

The Activity Key (which is a fob that acts as a bracelet) will appeal to drivers with a family or active lifestyle. Water and shockproof, the Activity Key allows you to unlock, lock and start your vehicle without having to worry about damaging conventional car keys.

Alongside the features above, the Convenience Pack adds more power sockets inside the car, which is ideal for charging devices. You will also benefit from an electrically adjustable steering column, as well as keyless entry.

Driver Assist Pack

Blue Jaguar XE rear quarter driving shot

Having already achieved a five-star Euro NCAP crash test rating, the XE is already a safe car. However, the Driver Assist Pack adds to it with a series of driver aids that should give you peace of mind whilst driving.

For those who cover a lot of mileage on an annual basis, the adaptive cruise control function will prove beneficial. A radar on the front of the car monitors the speed of the car in front and will slow the XE down in order to maintain a safe braking distance.

Another feature tailored to motorway users is Blind Spot Assist, which will illuminate a light in the side mirror if another motorist is driving in your blind spot.

Rear Traffic Monitor is a particularly useful feature when reversing out of a parking bay. It is a system that uses audio and visual warnings to let you know if something is behind you if visibility is poor.

Premium Upgrade Interior Pack

Jaguar XE cabin

The XE's interior is the epitome of quality and luxury. This is because Jaguar have invested heavily in an interior that boasts high-quality materials, as well as some of the most beautiful interactive displays available in this segment.

The first addition is noticed immediately after opening the door, because the treadplates that run along the sills are illuminated. These look especially good during the evenings, as you can imagine.

The second addition sits in the driver's footwell, because a set of Bright Pedals are included. The pedals are cut from a solid piece of high-quality alloy and then finished with a unique grip, resulting in a bright finish that looks the part.

Finishing the pack is the ability to alter the interior atmosphere with the Configurable Ambient Lighting, which allows the driver to choose various colours and tones to suit their mood or preference.

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Whether or not you are looking for a new or approved used Jaguar XE, it is worth knowing what the different packs are and what they include. Each XE model is already well-equipped but some of the extras above are worth configuring or seeking out depending on your requirements and lifestyle.

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