Taking a Look at Jaguar XE's Delivery Packs

20th May 2019

Grey Jaguar XE parked on the side of the road.

You may have seen in the news recently that Jaguar have just released a heavily refreshed version of their popular junior executive saloon, Introducing the Enhanced Jaguar XE Saloon. Jaguar clearly mean business with the introduction of the new XE, with a series of technological enhancements that have pushed the car right back into the mix with the class-leaders in its segment.

Jaguar have been very generous with the equipment owners will benefit from, with JLR's stunning Touch Pro Duo infotainment system taking centre stage in the cockpit alongside the intuitive steering wheel that has been taken from the I-Pace.

However, the XE is available with five optional delivery packs for customers to choose from. Each pack contains a series of visual or performance enhancing additions that bring extra life to the XE. Jaguar are keen to give customers the option to have some of the brilliant additions available in these packs, without forcing them to invest extra in a standard car that boasts features they simply don't want.

Dynamic Handling Pack

The Jaguar XE is already widely praised for being one of the best handling cars in its class. However, Jaguar have incorporated Configurable Dynamics and Adaptive Dynamics into the handling pack to ensure the XE responds to the finest of inputs from its driver.

Although they sound similar, the two are very different in the way they operate. Configurable Dynamics allows its driver to alter the car's behaviour to suit their driving style. Throttle response, steering weighting and gear shift time are all characteristics that can be changed at the flick of a finger.

On the other hand, Adapative Dynamics allow the XE to adjust itself accordingly depending on the road surface it's on and how you are driving. It will soften the car up on the motorway to help with refinement, while it will sharpen up in every aspect when you decide to push on down a quiet back road.

On top of these additions, owners will benefit from larger performance brakes that allow the driver to brake harder and later; not that we would encourage such behaviour on public roads, you understand. The XE will also have some painted brake calipers and a subtle, yet purposeful, bootlid spoiler to help complement the sportier characteristics the Dynamic Handling Pack brings to the XE.

Red Jaguar XE driving on a bridge.

Cold Climate Pack

The colder months we Brits endure towards the end of the calendar year are a hardship, there can be no denying that. However, Jaguar have customers well covered when it comes to the frosty weather through the introduction of the Cold Climate Pack.

The heated windscreen will be the biggest benefit to customers, who will no doubt enjoy the heated seats (trim level dependent) while the windscreen takes care of the morning frost - how kind.

If heated seats and the luxury of a heater windscreen weren't enough for you, then the addition of a heated steering wheel should help make those frosty morning commutes a little more tolerable. We guarantee you won't be able to live without it once you've tried it. Finishing off the Cold Climate Pack is the addition of the some powerful headlight washers, which are essential for clearing up the muck and salty water that flicks up during the winter.

Jaguar XE Cold Climate Pack.

Technology Pack

Jaguar placed a lot of emphasis on enhancing the technology featured in the XE when they were updating it. However, keen tech lovers simply won't be able to live without the additions that come with the optional Technology Pack.

Our favourite piece of technology is the ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror. A small camera sits at the rear of the car and beams live images to a wide screen that sits where the rear view mirror usually would. The benefit of this camera is it provides a wider view that is crystal clear.

The addition of a Solar Windscreen is sure to be a welcome one during the heat of summer, because it helps to isolate heat and stop it from transferring into the cabin. We're also big fans of the Interactive Driver Display that is included in the Technology Pack, which allows the driver to display either a full 3D map or information panel (where you can view driving information, navigation updates and what music is playing) on a high-resolution 12.3" instrument cluster.

The icing on the cake is the inclusion of Wireless Charging, because excess wires are a big no-no inside a Jaguar.

Jaguar XE rear-view mirror.

Convenience Pack

Owning a Jaguar should never be a hardship or inconvenience, that energy is better focused on enjoying the sublime chassis and powertrain on the roads of Britain. The Convenience Pack is designed to enhance exactly that, and each addition makes life just that little bit better.

Although some may wonder why you need a Gesture Bootlid when opening the boot is hardly a difficult task, others will appreciate that this feature is a God-send when you have full-hands. Plus, it almost seems vulgar to open the boot on a Jaguar when a subtle gesture is all that is required.

Electric Steering Column Adjustment is the tasteful way to get comfortable in your car, while a set position can also be memorised by the car so you don't waste time re-adjusting the steering column after someone else has driven the car. Drivers will also benefit from a number of extra power sockets throughout the car, allowing them to plug in various accessories and mobile devices while they're on the move. This particular feature is essential for families or businessmen.

Keyless Entry is also included with the Convenience Pack; a welcome addition to everyday motoring.

Rear view of the Jaguar XE.

Premium Interior Upgrade Pack

The Jaguar XE isn't what many would class as a bad place to spend time. This is because Jaguar have invested heavily in an interior that boasts high quality materials as well as some of the most beautiful interactive displays available in this segment. Having said that, the additions found in the Premium Interior Upgrade Pack take the XE up to a whole new level of luxury.

The first addition is noticed immediately after opening the door, because the treadplates that run along the sills are illuminated. These look especially good during the evenings as you can imagine, they certainly make a great talking point when you show your friends around the car.

The second addition sits in the driver's footwell, because a set of Bright Pedals are included. The pedals are cut from a solid piece of high-quality alloy and then finished with a unique grip, resulting in a bright finish that really looks the part. To finish the pack off is the ability to alter the interior atmosphere with the Configurable Ambient Lighting, which allows the driver to choose various colours and tones to suit their mood or preference.

Jaguar XE premium leather interior.

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