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The Jaguar brand was founded in 1922, and is known as one of the most iconic British vehicle manufacturers to date. It's a brand synonymous with power, luxury and sleek vehicles that leave a lasting impression.

Stratstone's relationship with Jaguar dates back to the 1960s and our love of all things Jaguar is as strong as ever. It's a feeling that's echoed by our customers who hold this British Icon close to their hearts.

If you have a Jaguar, or are hoping to get one in the future, this blog will help you discover what 'club doors' these vehicles can unlock, by taking a look at some of the most reputable Jaguar Car Clubs based in the UK where like-minded enthusiasts can socialise and bond over their shared interest.

Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club

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First set up in December 1984, the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club is aimed at owners of SS, Jaguar or Daimler vehicles.

By becoming a member, you'll get access to an exclusive monthly magazine. You'll also be given the chance to visit exclusive vehicle seminars, gain special insurance schemes for your vehicle, and attend events and trips.

The club's office is located in Bristol, but there are branches across the country, as well as some that are also international too.

The current cost of signing up to the club if you're based in the UK is £47.00. Those who are based internationally can expect charges of £49.00. When it comes to renewing, UK members are charged £42.00 and international members, £44.

Jaguar Driver's Club

The second club on our list is the Jaguar Driver's Club. Established in 1956, the club has since gone on to become widely known in the Jaguar community and one of the most respected clubs out there.

They were proudly officially recognised by Sir William Lyons, who is known as 'Mr Jaguar' and was the traditional founder of the Jaguar brand. The Driver's Club also have their own magazine, and offer free vehicle advice to those who are members, as well as many more exclusive club features.

There are three levels of membership available ranging from levels 1 to 3. If you opt for Level 1, the cost is £33.00. Level 2 costs £46, and Level 3 is priced at £55. The higher level you are, the more exclusive offers and club features you'll get access to.

The club host exclusive events for their members, including the chance to get up and close with rare Jaguar models, and you can find out more about becoming a member and the fantastic benefits that come with it on their website.

The International XK club

The International XK club is another prestigious membership for Jaguar owners, but the key difference being that to be a member of the International XK club, you must own an XK Jaguar.

The club was set up in 1994 by Julie and Philip Porter, and it revolves around XKS 120s, 140s and 150s, and also C-Types and D-Types.

They too have a monthly magazine that goes out to their members, including a digital version. And the club also promises discounts from certain insurers and specialists if you're a member.

The club's members span far and wide across more than 50 countries, and they too host an array of events all year round for those in the club.

A one year membership with the club costs £62.00, or if you'd like to be a member for two years, this has an upfront cost of £118. If you don't live in the UK, you are able to sign up to a 'digital only' membership which costs £39.00 for a year.

There are also other membership types available which offer the option to join both the XK Club and the E-Type club.

Jaguar Owner's Club

Largely an online forum, the Jaguar Owner's Club is still a great way to for those lucky enough to own a Jaguar to digitally get involved in that chat and virtually meet other owners.

When you sign up, you get access to a wide array of forums where you can discuss the latest news and your Jaguar interests with like-minded people.

The best thing about this Jaguar Club is it's free to sign up to if you just want access to the website/app. There is a paid-for Premium package that costs £15 fee to get access to great discounts with companies such as AA, Halfords and also great days out such as at Alton Towers.

So that rounds up our list of the top Jaguar Car Clubs. Click here to read about a new world record attempt featuring Jaguar vehicles that you could get involved with if you own a Jaguar or similar classic car.