The Best Jaguar Car Owners Clubs

01st Nov 2019

The Jaguar brand was founded in 1922, and is known as one of the most iconic vehicle manufacturers in the world. It's a brand synonymous with powerful, luxurious and stylish cars that leave a lasting impression.

Stratstone's relationship with Jaguar dates back to the 1960s and our love of all things Jaguar is as strong as ever. It's a feeling that's echoed by our customers who hold this icon of British industry close to their hearts.

If you have a Jaguar, or are hoping to get one in the future, this blog will help you discover what 'club doors' these vehicles can unlock, by taking a look at some of the most reputable Jaguar Car Clubs based in the UK where like-minded enthusiasts can socialise and bond over their shared interest.


Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club

Jaguar Enthusiasts Club

First set up in December 1984, the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club is aimed at owners of SS, Jaguar or Daimler vehicles. 

By becoming a member, you'll get access to an exclusive monthly magazine. You'll also be given the chance to visit exclusive vehicle seminars, gain special insurance schemes for your vehicle, and attend events and trips.

The club's office is located in Bristol, but there are branches across the country, as well as some that are also international too.

The current cost of signing up to the club if you're based in the UK is £47.00. Those who are based internationally can expect charges of £49.00. When it comes to renewing, UK members are charged £42.00 and international members, £44.

Jaguar Drivers' Club

Jaguar Cars Coventry


The second club on our list is the Jaguar Drivers' Club (JDC). Established in 1956, the club has since become widely known in the Jaguar community and one of the most respected owners clubs out there.

They were proudly officially recognised by Sir William Lyons, who is known as 'Mr Jaguar' and was the traditional founder of the Jaguar brand. The JDC also have their own magazine, and offer free vehicle advice to those who are members, as well as many more exclusive club features.

The club host exclusive events for their members, including the chance to get up close and personal with rare Jaguar models, and there's a range of discounts for members on things like roadside assistance. The JDC merchandise is cool too...

The International XK Club

Jaguar XK Club


The International XK club is another prestigious membership for Jaguar owners, with the key difference being that it was set up specifically for owners of XK Jaguars.

The club was set up in 1994 by Julie and Philip Porter, and revolves around XK 120s, 140s and 150s, as well as C-Types and D-Types.

They too have a monthly magazine that goes out to their members, including a digital version. Like so many clubs, you'll also get discounts from certain insurers as well as parts and service specialists if you're a member.

The club's members span far and wide across more than 50 countries, and they too host an array of events all year round for those in the club.

There are also other membership types available which offer the option to join both the XK Club and their sister organisation, the E-Type club.

Jaguar Owners Club

Jaguar Owners Club


Largely an online forum, the Jaguar Owners Club is still a great way to for those lucky enough to own a Jaguar to digitally get involved in the Jaguar conversation as well as 'meet' other owners.

When you sign up, you get access to a vastly useful online forum where you can discuss the latest news and your Jaguar interests with like-minded people.

There are both free and paid membership packages of the Jaguar Owners Club. The free version gives you access to all of the useful information that you'll find in the forum, but the reasonably priced paid versions gives you discounts off things like high street stores and hotel stays, plus unrestricted access to the buy & sell parts of the forum. 

This rounds up our list of the best Jaguar Owners Clubs out there for you to get involved with. If you've recently bought a Jaguar from us, you're also automatically given access to the Stratstone Club too - which is free of charge for Stratstone customers.